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I’ve heard it all before, must I take more?

There are those of you who judge a person on the quality of their P.R.

I know who you are. 84 more words



My time of night


Not quite night

Children asleep

Pray the Lord their souls to keep

And I sit here and think of you… 128 more words


Nanny's Visits

My Nanny stands there

at the end of the bed

It’s really quite weird,

because I know she’s dead

But she stands there quite happy… 123 more words

Through pleasure and pain

You lie there

In bed

All by yourself

Doing things I only thought I did

When I’m thinking of you

Lying next to me

Watching me… 114 more words



 Salute the suns flaming celestial light 

 Praise the rivers that flow day and night

Clap clouds bursting, drenching the land

Respect for teachers, brains they expand… 33 more words

When it's time - it's time

I’m not looking for somebody else

I just want to see you

I completed your lie detector test

and everything I say is true

There is no rhyme or reason…

91 more words
Kait King Author

Journey Into Hell

When thugs invade a family and hold them to ransom with children screaming is God there?

When the children’s happiness and peace vanishes into thin air? 133 more words