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i wanna dance with somebody.


i thought you knew how i felt

 i thought we understood each other

every single time i see you

its like deja vu

 i know that we have been through these moments…

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kiss me.

rhyme poetry

aamish virk

why do i love you?

you’re  honestly such a jerk

you’re really rude too

i mean have you not noticed the way…

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Nothing Left.

I love to be in your arms,

As we look in the stars,

Your eyes disarm ,

Believe you could do no harm.
I’ve had such a brilliant night under the stars in the snow looking over a lake with my love. 18 more words

Gold Weld. Treatises.

Shattered to pieces,

Scattered remains.

Permanent creases,

Indelibly stained.

Unlikely friezes.

Canvas? Oil? A stain.

All effort ceases,

Failed paint, spinning drain.

Gold weld. Treatises, 11 more words


To Liar's Gold

They are Rotten,


And Misguided.

They plod the Road

To Liar’s Gold,

Greedy, Frightened.

Rotten and wrong,

Though feeling strong,

Their world? Blighted.

But, in The End, 12 more words


No Spans of Rope

We desperately clung

to the raft of hope.

No hatches battened,

no spans of rope

to bind us down.

We’d claw and grasp

lest we drown. 28 more words


The Empty Sea

I am the Fisher.

I am the Angler.

Cast into the fissure,

Primed hook to bait Her.

She swims the Empty Sea,

all alone, deep, and free, 66 more words