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Breathe Deep

My heart pounding in my chest,

There’s always something. I can never rest.

I must bring my heart rate down

I put my bare feet on the cold ground… 104 more words



Money disappears before your eyes.

To your surprise.

One moment its there, then its gone.

So life goes on.

Its rather hard to allow for everything. 15 more words


I wish to light up the world but not set it on fire.

Postpone the funeral pyre.

How may I go about this?

Hopefully with more success than my first kiss. 31 more words

The Hangnail

Red stain on a tissue

Soaking in

Beautiful in design

And color

I reflect while watching it form

And try to think about

Why I pulled the hangnail… 48 more words


I wonder what pleasure men have found
Falling in love all around
The world is wild with disquietude
With beaus and belles in loving mood… 45 more words



As long as I live I’ll never die, here’s the reason why.

Because it would not make sense, I sit on the fence.

I thought I’d write my epitaph, for a laugh. 65 more words


Science invents the atom bomb and a cure for cancer, what price the intellect?

If brains alone can cure the world when will the cure take effect? 57 more words