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you hear them at midnight


  1. you hear them around midnight when all is quiet, all is calm. the sound of distant drums, like heartbeats in the air, the upbeat, downbeat, the festival of dreams and madness, the smell of caramel and apple, masks of joy, woe and porcelain.
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Somewhere in the Woods-1

Somewhere in the woods,
She stood,
And my eyes,
Were just struck on her!

A Sunbeam was spread,
On her face,
She shadowed it with her palm.. 44 more words


Unseen Audience

Chattering eyes, pursue

Me through,

The narrow pathway,

To the blue.


Jumping Fish, High Cotton

Trusses of woven brown, fall down her back
with beads attached,
to the sweat and anticipation. Palpitation of my heart thumps and beats hard into the mattress; 144 more words


A bitter pill

I got a brand new tablet
but it was a bitter pill
As instead of feeling better
it made me feel quite ill 46 more words


Clear-That Fear (1031)

Really must-
Do a complete panic and anxiety bust.


Little Firefly

Little Firefly

You speak not a word

But you console me

With light not of this world

Little Firefly

You sit not beside me

But use your tiny light… 83 more words