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The One Winged Birdling

High up in a tree
At the dawning of spring,
Lived a wise Mother Bird
And her Baby Birdling.

Their home wasn’t made
Of cement or bricks, 1,439 more words

The cough

The cough without a cause,

Will not stop or even pause,

In my throat it digs its claws,

And makes my voice all hoarse.

I do not like the cough, 20 more words

Feet beat

Can you feel what is beneath your feet?
A flowing feeling where your sole and heart meet
A gentle rhythm and a flow
When the blood goes down below… 31 more words


Seren-It's Because He Is A Man

I see him now, starring at me, and I try to think of the things he sees.

Does he notice my eyes, how they glisten in the dark… 99 more words


The Poem

The poem was waiting,

simmering gently beneath work deadlines

and plans for the weekend.

Lurking way back beneath the bones and simple things,

waiting for the moment, 58 more words


Yells, cries of children disturb the nights silence
In the moonlight they dance, they play in the distance

Casting shadows upon the lonely tree’d pathway… 59 more words

The pig that wasn't meant to be big! 

Last week I read a great story in the Guardian about an unexpectedly large pig. If you want to read the original click here. If alternatively you’d like to read it rewritten in rhyme keep reading. 419 more words