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Thank You To Those With A Soul Throughout The World

Thanks goodness the world did not miss-

What the White House did and did take notice,

For more than likely this BS self serving press conference… 61 more words


We Have Nothing To Feel Guilty About

Instead of just turning a monster situation around

Too much self gratifying happened to be found,

Children are suffering and will continue to do so- 30 more words


Three Things Not Said Right Now

1. We have made a mess.

2. We have ruined many lives.

3. We now need to put these families back together.


Not a moment to miss- 29 more words


Three For Brave WH Man

1. Sign dangerous policy.
2. Implement dangerous policy.
3. Revoke dangerous policy after worldwide outrage.

And then as it were-
To make himself look like a savior. 18 more words



Friends, as much as I have enjoyed telling you in recent posts of the inspiring exploits of The Wright Brothers, inventors of the aeroplane, things don’t always go the Wright way in this woebegone world. 103 more words



Art is all from feeling, feeling matters most.

Do you say holy spirit or do you say holy ghost?

What is the spirit of all things and everything and all? 86 more words


Three To Own

1. Golf courses.
2. Hotels.
3. Children at border being
taken from their parents.
It was the White Houses’ will-
That was signed, sealed, and… 6 more words