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                                                        Do you know?
                                                        The fireflies glow
                                                        Only against the dark.
                                                        Don’t be so stark,
                                                        No shark
                                                        Is held precious
                                                        Outside the plate.
                                                        Be gracious,
                                                        Burst out the fate… 24 more words


Inner search

Digging into your psyche

Is like seeking a buried treasure,

Hidden under the earth for centuries,

Somewhere under the earth and rocks,

In the caves or under the trees. 128 more words

One Minute Rhyme Mark V

sparkle Sunday
raindrop rich
the rusting
wheels aweigh
yellow blooms
stand on
my sill
they smile
bright sun
shines play.

A Selfie with Aliens

Look beyond a constellation’s wink,
And fiddle with your telescope’s lens,
Now take a sip from your cold drink,
As you will find the rarest of gems, 91 more words


I am Xerxes

Because of my feats, I was given the throne
I was born on the streets, I’m not home-grown
I dreamt of conquering every kingdom around mine… 101 more words

Poetry & Rhymes

The Devil's Contract

I was just another wasted baby,
If only I could get revenge, maybe…
Maybe then, I could feel superior,
But this method made me inferior. 55 more words