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Through frost-biten London,

I walked a dream,

Boots filled with snow,

My toes in its stream.

I walked my boots abroad,

Conquered mountains new,

And as I kept on walking, 103 more words

Poems from the Vault - Get Shit Done.

By no means do I attempt to rhyme when I write poetry. Most of my work is a collective of words and sentences, with no regard to traditional poetic structures. 60 more words


Here I stand,
amidst this crowd,
hoping someday,
I see her face again.
as I see these hurried faces,
running back home,
being prudent. 305 more words


Don't You Dare!

I want you to know that I am there,

Go no matter you anywhere.

Even in a room full of silverware,

It’s you who I would choose to stare. 38 more words


Heroic TransgressionĀ 

Tyrants toasting to the tribulations of the meagre

Bloodlusty entertainment; throbbing of the eager

Celebratory attire, the weight of victory

Tear-stained desire, the rest – predictory… 156 more words

A Hotel Conference Room Painting

it’s meant to be a horse I think
or something of that kind
I cannot see its front end
nor even its behind
perhaps I note a saddle… 21 more words

Long may it rain.

There’s nothing like a rainy day,

To catch up on your sleep,

To read the book you started,

And to cook yourself a treat.

It just so happens this rainy day, 23 more words