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The Ballad of the Runyan Cats

crap game cats and strip joint rats
in zoot suits made of fur
they danced to swing and other things
the band played at the fair… 58 more words


simple lines at 5 a.m.

I beg these waking eyes of mine
be bless-ed with the sight of thine
when first they open come each morn
as windows in new sunrise born


Hike in Julian Day Eighteen #OctPoWriMo October 18, 2017

Hike in Julian (to get in shape)

hag bumbling
crag crumbling
knees crying
trees dying
sage slowing
age showing

crone alone
alone crone

showing age… 11 more words

Reveal To Me (a one minute rhyme)

reveal to me the textures soft
you show me in my dreams
your fragrant velvet petals
that envelop me within
then take me deep inside you warm… 16 more words


Prove Me Wrong

Music blasting my ears as the pink line stops

Loosen up my shoulders, drink lime drops

I walk along Harrison, tunes blaring on

This one is for those who say I aint from the city… 312 more words



Just yesterday, I remember,
Dolled up in red
With the best of my tempers
On cloud nine I stepped

But today as it thunders and rains, 219 more words


This Little Piggy

A wee little pig I have become,

My mind wallows in mud and scum,

Hairs that sprout from my chinny-chin-chin,

Bulging flesh and stretching skin, 67 more words