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Make ♠ move.

Sleep disappears from your eyes when you have that feelin’
All that shit so pure no intentions of cheatin’
Everything’s so good, happy as if you made it… 224 more words


A Little Rime About Moss

the verdant moss stands still
or so it always seems
waiting for a stone to roll
into its lonely dreams.


I’d do anything for you

I’d swim across the ocean blue,
Or ride a bike to Timbuktu,
Or pick a fight with a kangaroo,
I’d do absolutely anything for you. 247 more words


What Perfection Is

Pristine serene

An endless gleam

A never-ending stoke of happiness

That is what perfection seems.



A dream outside a dream

That is what perfection is. 20 more words

Like Love

Love like a creamy strawberry smoothie and greasy finger chips.

Love like a hot steaming tea and cold icy coffee.

Love like a rainbow you saw but failed to capture in your camera. 111 more words


The Homecoming..!

Fed up of the days mundane,
She fancied the idea of change,
To quit the life so sane,
Pack the bags and simply escape.
where no place shall ever seem silly, 180 more words