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I Continue, walk wit me. - Nina

Is it kind of selfish… to reveal all your senses.

Am I gaining by explaining my pain; I feel helpless.

“Excuse me Miss…” I really must admit. 241 more words


Word Salad

i don’t know how to write poetry
i just toss a word salad
and add paragraph breaks

for beats

and make most of my lines start with and… 168 more words



“One should never wear the same thing twice”,

This, London Society’s advice,

“Or your friends will snub you in a trice.”

Get out of my face, that would be nice.

©RC Clermont 2016

Thoughts From My Office Job

Someone save me from myself, I can’t break these chains.

I’m in a monotonous life, and I am begging for change.

I am the prisoner and the guard, all alone in Plato’s cave. 14 more words



Are we alone to face up to lives test
A pest like the rest
All competing for best
I detest all this mess
So I dream up the rest… 14 more words



by day they implore you to follow your dreams
but by night you reenter them, helpless it seems

to prolong the ecstatic empassioned embrace
or escape from the orks in a slimy dark place… 41 more words


The English Lake District

The prompt for Day 9 of the #introtopoetry course from WordPress is Landscape and the suggested poetic device is apostrophe – addressing someone or something directly. 289 more words