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In a world of

Damning devastation,

Crushing misery,

Broken hearts,

Piercing shards.

When faith fails and hope bails,

When dreams shatter and the pieces scatter, 17 more words

My Obsessions

Lovers In A World Of Apology

A lot of times he comes home
His breath lingers with tobacco infused with vodka
Knuckles bruised and torn collar

“I am sorry” he says as his hands hold my wrists tightly… 419 more words


Kuch is tarha se chalta hai nizam-e-zindagi
Kabhi raaftar iski le ubharti waqt ki qaid se
Kabhi doobti hui mehsoos hoti waqt ki lehar mein… 46 more words



Heyy. I have an exam in less than 6 hours so naturally my brain decided to stay up writing a poem at 3 am. I really hope you like it :p Here it is: 135 more words


Step forward

Let’s step forward
A month, a year or more
No matter where I go
I just want you with me
Holding my hand
And saying that this is the place… 13 more words


Charlie Rhymes debut single: A brilliant, cold-blooded killer of a track

There is something about calling a song “Cold Blooded” that tells us we will automatically like it. When Charlie Rhyme’s EP landed on our editorial desk, that was the track we wanted to hear, and it didn’t disappoint. 304 more words