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Carpe Diem #681 - Puddles

children having fun
jumping around in puddles
before the storm comes

rice puddies all day
still a majestic view
God-given pleasure



You know when you wink, it throws my breath out of sync

You look so beautiful sleeping there, as I run my fingers through your thick curly hair.

Your deep rhythmic breathing, while you’re lying there dreaming. 92 more words


Today is Weird

The sun is there

Just not the way it used to

No unforgiving heat

That burns your skin instantly

The clouds are there

Just not the way it used to… 37 more words


All for a Happy Child

I went to my friend’s house a couple of weeks back and his son was crying incessantly. I asked my friend, is everything alright? To which he replied, ‘Either he is hungry or wet.’ He explained in great details that a child cries for a reason, and as a parent you can make out the ‘type of cry’ and you work accordingly. 420 more words

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Murdering Shame

It was a memory I’ve lived too many times before,
She was there crying, her kids playing on the floor.

She “needed” a morning fix, just little hit. 166 more words


Charm of the Celts

There’s something about a lilting rhyme

That lifts my spirit and makes my heart shine—Penny M


Poetry in it’s many forms has lost popularity if indeed it was ever truly appreciated by much of the population. 268 more words


Shame's Flashing Light

It all has the same goal,
the same purpose of soul.
To knock you from your perch,
to steal your purpose,
by putting you in a shame hole. 53 more words