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Love was why He came, to heal, to deliver, to set the oppressed free.

With depth so deep, the oceans couldn’t compete neither could mountains and hills comprehend, love’s height surpassed them. 156 more words


Flowers Are Unique

Every flower is different – just like every person is different. All beautiful in their own way and all unique. Every person has different tastes in flowers just like every person has different tastes in people and in dogs or cats. 172 more words


A Face Washing

Face 1. 

Ah! I spy you there, hidden foe,

Watching me wash with those cold eyes

And spewing out those loveless sighs

What is it you wish me to show? 148 more words


Le pont sur le torren

I’m toying with the idea of doing a 30-day poetry challenge, but before I start on that I figure I would set a smaller objective for myself, you know, just to try a scheduled prompt out . 369 more words


Long trip

Babe, can you hold my hand?
it’s a long trip that I want to do
maybe only one backpack isn’t enough
but we can buy another one… 158 more words



If the sun refused to shine
I cannot see any problem
I just need remember your smile

I promise, it’s no lie
you illuminates, not only a cloudy day… 59 more words