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Smooth petal-like time
rippled beneath them;
No more barefoot alleyway days
or chicken fights on the log.

It used to be War in the field till the last man was standing, 167 more words



Kita yang menunda bersama

Memilih menjadi sunrise dan sunset diwaktu yang berbeda

Tempat yang tak sama

Bepapasan saat fajar menjadi ujung

dan senja yang menjadi perantara… 14 more words



There is a cold wind blowing across the sand as we walk hand in hand, bare foot on cold sand. It’s been some time since we have been on land. 259 more words

See Me For Me

See Me For Me by Melodie Yvonne Ramey


See me for the me I am when I am all alone
See not just the me I was, but see the me that’s grown… 280 more words

Melodie Yvonne

Words I found

Cannot remember if I’ve posted this already, but just found this in my drafts.

I wanna talk to you

who I don’t know now

but I wanna say this out loud… 85 more words

Par Four Golf Poems: The Reality of Golf

This week’s four line poem (Par 4 poem) uses just 16 words to delineate the essence of golf.


To the first tee
With the driver you trust… 12 more words


Nerves (Day 24 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Occasionally, something is coming up, or it’s on your radar down the road, and you for whatever reason are anticipating it, dreading it, or just feeling pent-up energy because you know what you have to do. 177 more words

Hip Hop