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Life's Concern

To all life is a gift,
it is more than food shelter,
joy even when without food is better,
but some fools refuse this so swift; 72 more words


DID YOU KNOW? "Ringing the wrong rose"

DAY 10 : 
  A third of the 30 day challenge already completed! :D 

Today I introduce a new section to Peppy Notes!!
THE  “DID YOU KNOW? 319 more words

Life Lessons

I still Remember ...

I still remember the day when I first saw you…
Those deep hazel eyes,
that grace, that style;
Still wishing that you’d be mine
I thought of telling you that you were my soul mate, 72 more words



Her eyes said that they could handle uncountable teardrops, but never give up…

Her smile said that she could handle any blow that came to her, and still find joy… 76 more words


Mash Note

She would see him if she could
Slim, tall, and has good skin
He is so charming, his clothes are so good
Muscular build, yet he stays thin… 17 more words


Before love turns cold

Some days we’re like lovers in France
He holds me and kisses my neck
I hold his hand and know that he is mine
Whispering “Iloveyou” into crooked bones… 235 more words


The Cyclic Meow

Nobody gets me, you exclaim
A bit isolated
Alone in everything
From your thought process to your actions
“I feel so alienated in this alien society,” you say… 453 more words