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Series 1.0

My first track, i know its not amazing so feel free to criticise.

Chiraq, that’s where it’s at huh?

You rappers sitting on your ass getting fat bruh. 149 more words


I know it's cheesy, but I feel grate.

I’ll put my heart in my hands and come at your with bare palms, a way to feel the the way my emotions erupt before the storm calms, I don’t need bombs I’ve got this witty response, like if you want a pizza me just come to papa johns, I think I must be constipated, because I just can’t seem to give a shit, call the turdminator because I’ve eaten too much cereal and I’m Kellogged up a bit, I need a back rub Hun with some honey body scrub across my left tit, but I struggle because when I get naked the shower turns on without even touching the knob and starts spewing it’s liquid, I used to feel connected to life but then my wifi got disconnected, so now I’m reading a book about anti gravity, it’s hard to put down I’ll admit, but I’m glad that I know sign language because it’s pretty handy, I could not eat forever and people would still be like ‘there goes the fatty’, so cook me up a Krabby patty and just call me spongebob, just chuck me on the deck and like that fish I’ll flop, I’m trying to say goodbye but I’m still stuck in the mind state of oh hello hi, it’s why my rhymes never end and I just use up all my spare time..

Song of the Sea

The Song of the Sea
Is in the Waves
In the Waves
In the Waves

The Song of the Sea
Is in the Wind
In the Wind… 34 more words


Good Poetry

Good poetry is knowing when to stop the rhyme

Whether it’s two or twenty-two lines

© Kait King, 2015

Kait King Poetry

The Flight Of Steps

The flight of steps,
I behold near,
is the sound of people,
fleeing me in fear.


The Other Guy

Is he smart?
Is he funny?

From the shadows,
I fail to see,
This other guy,
Who completes my stories for me.

Casting endings that I hate, 105 more words


Built With Would

I took some would,
worked the best I could,
to build myself a shelf.
It’s great benefit,
is it’s a place to sit,
when I’m tired of myself. 7 more words