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You will do this to yourself

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You will do this to yourself

Distance is an infant god’s desecrated temple
You set the candles burning, then you leave.
Are garden trees dancing in the winds or do they tremble? 188 more words


For the love of poetry

This week I have been writing poems and want to share one or two pieces. If you like what you read follow @thegirl_who on Instagram where you can keep up to date with some of the short pieces I write. 138 more words

The Cast Is Off!

The cast is off and man that’s great!

It feels much better but can still bear no weight.

So the doctor says no walking or hiking, not for many days,  54 more words


There are no words
for this.
Through clenched teeth
the hiss.
dumb mist
here from nowhere.
Now where?
How, why, what, when,
what hope is there then? 14 more words



The candle that burns brightest,
Burns down before the rest,
The car that’s always speeding,
Will crash before the best.
A rocket will not reach the moon, 18 more words


Rhyming And Rhyming

Rhyming and rhyming it’s what I can do,

Rhyming and rhyming the entire day through.

I’ll rhyme about this and I’ll rhyme about that,

I’ll even rhyme about my sweet little cat. 41 more words

The Zoo

I live in a house that seems like a zoo,

A rabbit, a cat and a dog form the crew.

They all get along, it’s a strange sight to see, 95 more words