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Scott (Stealing) Ian

Piracy, Copyright Infringement, Plagiarism, Website Blocking, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and on and on it goes.

Why would anyone create music?

The record labels via the RIAA have screamed black and blue that piracy is decimating the business. 590 more words


Stats & Facts Must Just Be Bias Demand

Word Round Town is That Stats & Facts Must Just Be Bias Demand

I don’t know about you but the music industry can seem little confusing sometimes. 542 more words


A New Spin on an Old Thing

Once considered old-generation technology, vinyl records are experiencing a resurgence as of late.

Sales figures published by the Recording Industry Association of America show that vinyl record sales have increased a staggering 28.3 percent in the year 2015. 392 more words


Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx Lobbies For Better Pay For Artists On YouTube

By Hayden Wright

(RADIO.COM) – Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has launched a campaign urging Google to better compensate artists for music that appears on YouTube. 200 more words


Prince's quest for total artistic control changed the record business forever

The death of Prince marks the end of a brilliant music career by one of pop music’s most talented and eclectic artists. A virtuoso on any number of instruments, a master arranger and producer, and a preeminent showman, Prince’s music was as diverse and versatile as his elaborate outfits. 859 more words

RIAA Says YouTube is Running a DMCA Protection Racket

accuses Google-owned YouTube of running a DMCA-protected protection racket, with music possibly being offered freely to the masses in the same manner that bars might get inexplicably fire-bombed in Chicago during the night. 42 more words

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