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The Past and Future of the Music Industry

by Paul Cairns, Managing Editor

It is 1927. Your double-bass is in the back of the van under a mountain of horns and woodwinds, and headlights swim by the window as you are on your way to your third concert this week. 744 more words

Music Industry Extends High-Res Logo To Streaming Services

The music industry’s logo designates downloads and streams that deliver better-then-CD quality sound at a minimum 48kHz sampling rate with minimum 20-bit resolution. The files and streams must be sourced from studio masters meeting the same minimums. 41 more words

Streaming Service

The Best CCM Album You've Forgotten About

At this point in the history of TalkingWorship.com, most of our readers serve in an evangelical context that utilizes a rock band formation for their worship music. 693 more words


Voting Gap Exposes How Income Inequality Impacts Voter Turnout & Elections

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) discusses how new discriminatory voting laws have suppressed many poor and minority Americans’ access to the polls during this week’s installment of the Congressional Black Caucus Message To America. 496 more words


Scott (Stealing) Ian

Piracy, Copyright Infringement, Plagiarism, Website Blocking, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and on and on it goes.

Why would anyone create music?

The record labels via the RIAA have screamed black and blue that piracy is decimating the business. 590 more words


Stats & Facts Must Just Be Bias Demand

Word Round Town is That Stats & Facts Must Just Be Bias Demand

I don’t know about you but the music industry can seem little confusing sometimes. 542 more words


A New Spin on an Old Thing

Once considered old-generation technology, vinyl records are experiencing a resurgence as of late.

Sales figures published by the Recording Industry Association of America show that vinyl record sales have increased a staggering 28.3 percent in the year 2015. 392 more words