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a weekend in Sofia


Bulgaria; not a place I had ever imagined I would visit. Would I go back? Probably not. Do I regret going? Absolutely not!

The country was relatively unknown to me and even after two days exploring the capital city, Sofia and its nearby rural towns, I still couldn’t quite put my finger on it. 658 more words


Salam روز به خیر Tehran


Ehrlich, das mit mir und dem Wandern bzw den Wanderschuhen, das klappt nicht, ähnlich wie mit Männern (ziemlich egal ob Variante “jetzt hab dich nicht so und schraub deine Ansprüche zurück = 14,99€ Plastik Schuhe und so peinlich, dass nur im dunklen getragen werden darf, oder “Alter Diyani, selbst seine Oma warnt dich vor ihm= 249,99€ muss ich haben sonst sterbe ich Heels, einmal getragen, fast den Hals damit gebrochen und als Mahnmal ausgestellt.

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Tukin dar 5:30 vel khan Kolasib District leh Mizoram hmun thenkhatah thli leh ruah nasa takin a thawk a, rial in a rawn zui bawk a, a rapthlak hle mai. 53 more words

Zoram History

Russian-Iranian Banking Partnership Aims to Ditch Dollars for Rials and Rubles

Russian banks are welcome in Iran, where the Russian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce is actively working on opening a joint Russian-Iranian bank, Bahram Amirahmadiyan of the Russia-Iran Friendship Society told Sputnik Persian. 863 more words

35. Rial ARC02 1989

S4312 Rial ARC02 US GP 1989, Christian Danner

The team Rial were to start in 1988 and 1989. It was the second attempt of Günther Schmid to enter the Formula 1 after the first approach with ATS, also a rim manufacturer like Rial, failed. 436 more words

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