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27th August 1941. What happened to Ribena and Lucozade?

Ribes negrim the botanical name for blackcurrant was an important supplement of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in WWII and commercially sold as Ribena.

Today the Daily Telegraph reported in 1941: ‘More Food supplies for the Breakfast Table’.  454 more words


If Sin was standing in front of you, this is what it would look like. A review on 'Sodom' by Fourth Monkey Theatre Company

So first things first… Why did I buy a ticket to Sodom? Well I could have chosen a range of different shows by Fourth Monkey Theatre Company: The Ark, Acension part 1 & 2, The Whale… All of which look great. 399 more words


Currant events

Blackcurrants are only recently regaining popularity in the United States, after being banned from the early 1900’s through the 20th century. Ribes nigrum is native to parts of northern Asia and Europe, and susceptible to a few pests and diseases, most notably white pine blister rust. 296 more words

Local Food

Exclusive Recipe: Cordial Cordial (for the polite amongst us)

Cordial juice is quite a weird thing. It’s fruit juice, but it isn’t fruit juice… except it is. Rumour has it, if you drink cordial by itself your face will enter into a far-reaching range of hilariously disturbing spasms which will leave you dribbling like an idiot. 466 more words


Tunes of the Month April 2016

  1. Dusky- Ingrid is a Hybrid- Beautiful house track with an old school vibe, perfect sunsetter and sure to be huge in Ibiza this summer.

2. Okzharp & Samrai- I Know (Gated)- Released on the hugely respected Keysound Recordings Okzharp & Samrai carry on the recent renaissance of jungle and ragga with this track. 117 more words

Culture Shock

The plane landed, relief coursed through me after a slightly spaced out night spent in the florescent lighting of the cramped AirAsia flight. A night where, for some reason, the thought of heading the furthest south I’d ever been, combined with the awareness that between Kuala Lumpur and Perth there is a whole load of nothingness and my normal flight anxiety, had sent me into a weird spiral of head spaciness where I became obsessed with the location of the moon and stars. 832 more words