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Monthly Meals: November

This month’s food saw me being a little more British. I baked a lot more chicken (living at my aunt’s place made me realize baked chicken is almost always a one-way road to a quick and tasty dinner), attempted lasagna again, made bread pudding and custard to pour over it, tried some sort of beef and potato hash and even tried Chinese takeaway (unfortunately the first one was not something I could recommend). 157 more words


A Long Trip Back (part 30) by CpSingleton © 2015

’To be fair, mate,’ Fishy began, flabbergasted by the logic. ‘It’s just a shed. It could’ve been dropped from a passing plane for all I know.’ 320 more words


A Long Trip Back (part 29) by CpSingleton © 2015

Fishy leapt from Fionn and ran the twenty yards or so between himself and the crumpled shed, fearing the worst as he reached it.

‘Can you hear me in there!?’ He called, his voice booming back off the badly dented metal. 248 more words


A Long Trip Back (part 23) by CpSingleton © 2015

’Indeed not,’ Titus told Fishy, before shivering with dread.

‘Erm…why are you needing a chemist? If you don’t mind me asking,’ Fishy asked. Wanting to change the surreal subject from raising mountain cheese. 272 more words


The Very Berry

This one is like a healthy drink or a smoothie- just less healthy with the alcohol! :P Normally I’m all about my citrus fruits in cocktails but I thought I’d give this one a try! 85 more words

The Life and Death of the year 2014

I feel I’ve become the latest  addition to ‘Gone Girl’ as I haven’t really posted much since November. I’ve had far too many hospital trips and treatments than I cared for,  so it really has been a long trip to the North Pole and back. 713 more words

Advent Calender #6: Battleship

Let’s be honest, Christmas is rarely the season of peace and love it is billed as. Sometimes it can be a war-zone. Literally. All right well not literally, but in the 6th instalment of our Advent Calender series, Jeanette Karen tells us why 2012 flop  559 more words

Advent Calender