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Exclusive Recipe: Cordial Cordial (for the polite amongst us)

Cordial juice is quite a weird thing. It’s fruit juice, but it isn’t fruit juice… except it is. Rumour has it, if you drink cordial by itself your face will enter into a far-reaching range of hilariously disturbing spasms which will leave you dribbling like an idiot. 466 more words


Tunes of the Month April 2016

  1. Dusky- Ingrid is a Hybrid- Beautiful house track with an old school vibe, perfect sunsetter and sure to be huge in Ibiza this summer.

2. Okzharp & Samrai- I Know (Gated)- Released on the hugely respected Keysound Recordings Okzharp & Samrai carry on the recent renaissance of jungle and ragga with this track. 117 more words

Culture Shock

The plane landed, relief coursed through me after a slightly spaced out night spent in the florescent lighting of the cramped AirAsia flight. A night where, for some reason, the thought of heading the furthest south I’d ever been, combined with the awareness that between Kuala Lumpur and Perth there is a whole load of nothingness and my normal flight anxiety, had sent me into a weird spiral of head spaciness where I became obsessed with the location of the moon and stars. 832 more words


'And Me!'

Couldn’t resist catching this image of a beautiful young Beagle pup being walked along the seafront by his owner.

The little boy being pushed along in the pushchair had woken up and was obviously feeling a bit thirsty at the time. 307 more words

The Streets

UK food and drink haul

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For today’s post I am writing about my very first food haul. I was in England a couple of weeks ago and was in need to restock on some UK food and drink goodies. 98 more words


Moroccan Mint |Teaview

Hello there!

So last week I visited my friend where I bought a selection of teas from various tea shops around Covent Garden. Today I tried one of the teas from my mini green tea selection from Whittard. 261 more words


Christmas decorations...for Tiny...love Teeto x

Christmas decorations…

Today is the last day & we always leave it to the last minute…yep, I’m packing away the Christmas decs!  It’s the worst job to think about but actually once I get started & get Uncle Neil out of the house, I get into the zone & become an organising wizard :) 221 more words