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DAVID Davies MP has praised the work of Monmouthshire’s fruit farmers after trying his hand at blackcurrant harvesting.

Mr Davies joined acclaimed local farmer Bill McConnel on his farm at Crossways near Newcastle for the summer harvest of blackcurrants. 266 more words

David Davies MP

Beverage Rights Horror: Ribena & Capri-Sun BANNED At Tesco!

Yesterday we scoffed at stupid Americans and their stupid ban of stupid (in a great kind of stupid way) Kinder Surprise Eggs. Today we’re scoffing at us stupid British people and our capricious banning of innocuous concentrated fruit juice drinks. 431 more words


Tesco to withdraw some sugary drinks

Tesco says it is withdrawing some bestselling children’s drinks in a bid to tackle obesity.

From September they will stop selling cartons of Ribena, Capri-Sun, and Rubicon. 109 more words


Outlawed Ribena

Okay so i haven’t updated my blog in ages so i thought i may as well write a new post.


So, i was greeted by the saddest news ever when i came home a few days ago.Tesco have done it now.They’ve taken Ribena off the shelves along with other drinks like rubicon etc.Why? 165 more words

The Internet Went Apesh*t After Tesco Revealed They're Banning Ribena And Capri-Sun From Their Stores

UK store chain Tesco dropped a bombshell on kids (and former kids) everywhere when they announced their intentions to ban Capri-Sun and Ribena from their shelves. 582 more words

Tesco bans sugary drinks

Today came the news that Tesco would no longer be selling sugary drinks aimed at children such as Ribena and Capri Sun. Now judging by the name of this blog and my love of sugar, you may not expect that I very much welcome this news. 437 more words


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