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D-ribose – Benefits for Heart Health, Energy and Reviews from Users

D-ribose is a natural supplement, which is engaged in important metabolic pathway. This metabolic pathway is also known as pentose phosphate pathway. D-ribose plays an important role in the energy production process for the whole body. 357 more words



“Collaboration is not a buzzword”. So says Jason Martin (see below) and I could not agree more. Included in this week’s recommended reading list is a piece by Mr Martin who lays out a clear business case for collaboration that start-ups should follow to the letter. 775 more words

To Doctors Best DRibose Featuring Bioenergy Ribose 250Gram

Plants can be grown in particular be utilised an as fuel, and can be grown exactly where they’re required, which seriously decreases the monetary and environmental costs and the safety risks linked with transporting and storing fuel. 300 more words

The Real Spice of Life?

Glycolaldehyde, an 8-atom sugar molecule, is in gas-and-dust interstellar clouds near the center of the Milky Way.  These clouds are the raw material from which planets are formed.   139 more words

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Brief Fibromyalgia Health Update

Some of you know that I have fibromyalgia. It’s not a disease, but a syndrome of problems that results in, among other things, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and poor sleep. 434 more words