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Mid Week Misery

So a little late after a busy week but the last week was a struggle fishing personally with the rough weather continuing and limiting which marks to fish. 709 more words


The Perks of Traveling Christmas Day

My journey to Mexico was one of the smoothest and most relaxing travel experiences I have ever had. The ease can be credited to United Airlines. 386 more words


Bills Bills Bills

good evening!

MONEY! Money is the source of all my stress this month. I filled out my FASFA this month and I have “nothing to worry about”, except the money to pay for college. 255 more words

Lead article: Stock Index Funds

The only way an individual investor can quickly invest in hundreds of different stocks is to buy shares of a stock index fund. The tremendous advantage is an immediate ownership of a diversified portfolio in one affordable investment. 892 more words

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DeAngelo, Silva, Newcomers Pace Springfield to 182.85 Win Over RIC

SPRINGFIELD, MA- Jenn Najuch’s collegiate head coaching career began with a win Saturday afternoon at Blake Arena as her Springfield Pride posted a 182.850. Fellow D3 Rhode Island College put up a 176.1 when all was said and done. 303 more words

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I'm not dead?

It’s dark. Black. You can’t see your hand in front of your face.

The floor is cold, uneven, and moist. Definitely stone though. Like a cave? 190 more words

Prisoners Of The Underdark

I'll get you next slime!

Session #1

The crew:

  • Grizby Toesmasher
    • (Hill Dwarf Cleric) – Mike A.
  • Kevgretor Silverkin
    • (Human Paladin) – Keith
  • Riclamin Silvergleaming
    • (High Elf Rogue) – Ryan…
  • 526 more words
Prisoners Of The Underdark