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#OnThisDate in 1921 – Scramogue Ambush: An IRA ambush is mounted on Strokestown-Longford road by south Co Roscommon IRA.

Roscommon was not one of the more violent areas of Ireland during the conflict. The local IRA argued to their GHQ that it was very difficult to conduct guerrilla warfare in the flat open countryside there. 795 more words

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#OnThisDate in 1884/1920 – Tomás Mac Curtain (born in Cork City), revolutionary and Lord Mayor of Cork is both born and assassinated on this date.

On his 36th birthday, Sinn Féin Lord Mayor of Cork Tomás Mac Curtain was shot dead in front of his wife and son by a group of men with blackened faces, who were found to be members of the RIC by the official inquest into the event. 138 more words

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#OnThisDay in 1921 – The IRA ambush a convoy of RIC and Black and Tans near Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

George Lennon had begun fighting Crown forces at age fifteen, was twice imprisoned, and fought on the Republican side in the Civil War and commanded his own Flying Column in Waterford. 271 more words

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Gymnastics: Bridgeport Quad

By David F. Pendrys [Full results from Bridgeport.]

BRIDGEPORT, CT- In a Tuesday night contest, the host University of Bridgeport Purple Knights posted a 194.450. 243 more words

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#OTD in 1921 – The Lord Mayor of Limerick, George Clancy, his predecessor, Michael O’Callaghan, and another prominent nationalist, Joseph O’Donoghue, are killed by policemen in Limerick during curfew hours.

George Clancy the Mayor of Limerick, and his immediate predecessor, Michael O’Callaghan were shot dead in their homes. Known as ‘the Curfew Murders’, as their houses were raided during the hours of curfew, their deaths shocked the whole City and Country and became International News. 333 more words

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Two New England in-state tuition compared

The idea of transferring to another school is something a lot of students think about at-least once during their college career. According to an article from Inside Higher Ed from 2015, they said that more than a third of college students will transfer at least once within six years. 256 more words


Meal Prep Monday: Bool Kogi Rice Bowl

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and found the Bool Kogi – Korean-style marinated boneless beef ribs. I just LOVE, LOVE LURVEEE Korean BBQ, specifically Bulgogi, so I decided to give it a try. 149 more words

Meal Prep Monday