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Social justice warriors showcasing faux offence are fostering a fear of political debate

IMPORTANT discussions cannot take place in our country due to the fear of upsetting others.

It is true on many issues, like gender, obesity and religion people simply shut up rather than talking about it. 740 more words

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A thought provoking read. Try not to be offended by it! I think it's fair to say "you don't have a right not to be offended". Even if you don't agree, I think it's clear the electorate don't respond well to wannabe politicians who seem to think it is a good election strategy to lecture us all about why they are better people than us. I for one want my politicians to know how to manage an economy, I don't particularly care if they're the sort of person I would go for a pint with.

Music Of The Day: RIC Hassani - Gentleman

Stumbled on this song on one of my favourite radio stations.with a
blend of voices of wande coal and shayne ward (breathless)
you’d be enchanted. 146 more words


a very brief history of the police in british north america

a summary of the most important facts up to confederation (1867)

as you might expect, the police and policing in European colonies was modeled on the police system of the colonial power, i.e., British colonies followed the British model of policing, French colonies, the French model. 707 more words

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Noticias para Junio

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En el boletin este mes: «¿De Quién Es la Iglesia?» 💒 Actividades mes de junio 💒 Se celebró el Día del Niño y de las Madres con un picnic 💒 Oraciones a la familia del Pastor Gabriel 💒 Grupo de confirmación  Gobernador Sandoval de Jalisco de visita por Racine 💒 En misa de pentecostés se celebró un nuevo comienzo 💒 Racine Interfaith Coalition* 💒 Fiesta Mexicana 💒 Ricardo se une al personal 💒 Las familias se reúnen para la clausura del programa EASY… 20 more words


1921 – Carrowkennedy Ambush: Michael Kilroy and the IRA’s West Mayo Flying Column ambushed a convoy of RIC and Black and Tans.

The ambush was organised by Major General Michael Kilroy, later Commandant of the 4th Western Battalion of the IRA. He and his flying column of 33 volunteers took up position between Widow Sammon’s House and that of Widow McGreal in Carrowkennedy and awaited a Royal Irish Constabulary patrol. 134 more words

Irish History

June Newsletter

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In the Visitor this month: June 5 Congregational Meeting 🎓 Pentecost Worship Celebration 🎓 Ricardo Flores Joins Staff 🎓 EASY Closing Program 🎓 Green Team Weeders 🎓 Synod Assembly at Carthage 🎓 Conozca Sus Derechos 🎓 Thank You, Mentors 🎓 Graduating Seniors 🎓 St. 26 more words


Conozca Sus Derechos

Foro informativo presentado por abogados de inmigración de caridades católicas: sus comentarios, sus preguntas, respuestas de ellos: Domingo, el 5 de junio al 12:00 p.m. … 50 more words