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Beginning to Understand Ricci Flows from a Linear Algebra Perspective

A Ricci Flow is a geometric flow which manipulates and simplifies a Riemannian manifold.

The best way to begin to envision how this might occur is to look at a path in , and consider the osculating circle at a given point. 213 more words


Poincare Conjecture and Ricci Flow

My area of research, if you can say that I still have an area of research, is geometric topology. Yes, despite everything, I’ve managed to stay moderately active. 229 more words

Advanced Mathematics

Introduction to Ricci Flow & Poincare Conjecture

This is an interesting introduction to some extremely advanced Math: Ricci Flow & Poincare Conjecture!

Ricci Flow was used to finally crack the Poincaré Conjecture. It was devised by Richard Hamilton but famously employed by Grigori Perelman in his acclaimed proof. 44 more words


"Metric geometry and analysis of 4-manifolds" by Gang Tian

A brief introduction to Perelman’s main advances on Ricci flow in his solution and then discuss some counterparts in 4-dimension and their topological and geometric consequences. 16 more words

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Cramer-Rao bound and Ricci flow II

The paper I presented about this matter (see here) has been accepted by EuRad 2009 Conference. This will result in a publication in IEEE Proceedings. 217 more words

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Cramer-Rao bound and Ricci flow

Two dimensional Ricci flow is really easy to manage. In this case the equation takes a very simple form and a wealth of results can be extracted. 342 more words


Ricci flow as a stochastic process

Yesterday I have posted a paper on arxiv (see here). In this work I prove a theorem about Ricci flow. The question I give an answer is the following. 211 more words

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