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Rice and peas and chicken

This week I cooked the food of my native land for the first time in several years. I made rice and peas and chicken, a staple of Jamaican cuisine, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 242 more words


Jamaican Pork Chop, Rice an' Peas

I am terrible at cooking rice. One of the world’s most basic staples, many people can cook it to perfection in an old pot over a fire and yet I manage only mounds of gluey mush or almost burnt bullets. 205 more words


Jamaican food: not all jerks

flying south

balcony view

vintage Jamaican bar

roadside eats

get the blender

Yeh, mon.  467 more words

Beef Stroganoff

Here is the ordinary man’s beef stroganoff. I made it this evening.

I’ve done things a little differently, I’ve put some Broccoli as I wanted to have a bit more veg in the meal, also I was a bit light on Mushrooms as my wife isn’t keen on them. 185 more words

Low Fat Meal

A little taste of the Caribbean

Spring has sprung (kind of). Well the sun has been shining a bit more which always feels good. So to end a lovely day out at the seaside we decided to go for a meal out. 500 more words

Christine's Just Stop - excellent Bajan home cooking

Whenever I travel I like to try the local food. The beachfront bars and restaurants all seem to carry the same menu and try to give a flavour but it is almost always toned down a little for the tourist trade. 450 more words


In search of the perfect rice and peas... It's your Mom's

I’ve underestimated rice and peas. During our trip to Barbados we have been offered it as a side dish in every cafe we stopped at. It’s a tasty accompaniment which clearly has a cultural significance in this part of the world like fish and chips does at home. 415 more words