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Traditional Jamaican Sunday Dinner

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Jamaican Sunday Dinner, that salivatory beacon at the start of each week, that one great making-it-all-worthwhile meal. Especially for the Jamaican man who’s heart, it is said can be reached through his stomach. 648 more words


Rice and Peas

Ackee and Salt Fish

Curry Goat

Fried Plantain

Rice and peas goes well with curry goat ackee or salt fish bring a little sunshine to the dish featuring fry plantain.


Mom's Spanish Rice

One of the most important parts of cooking, when you’re in college, is to make food that is versatile and that will last for a few meals. 250 more words


Rice and peas and chicken

This week I cooked the food of my native land for the first time in several years. I made rice and peas and chicken, a staple of Jamaican cuisine, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 242 more words


Jamaican Pork Chop, Rice an' Peas

I am terrible at cooking rice. One of the world’s most basic staples, many people can cook it to perfection in an old pot over a fire and yet I manage only mounds of gluey mush or almost burnt bullets. 205 more words