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[Restaurant Review] Midam Richmond

Address: 4651 Garden City Rd,Richmond, Richmond, BC V6X 4A9

We found Midam by accident… The indecisive Molangs were driving down Alexandra Rd in Richmond. As we reached the end of the road, we took a wrong turn into a car mechanic shop/car wash place. 330 more words


A very 'Simple' Brunch.

Main meal : Curry with rice.

Dessert 1: rice cake.

Dessert 2 : Hot dog with chaddar inside it.

Dessert 3 : 2 oranges.


Korean Food and Bubble Tea

“What is this?” my sister Bethany asks the passing waiter. She gestures to the weird, wobbly, white and pink thing on her fork. 

For a moment, he looks similarly baffled. 141 more words


The Lent Diaries: Day 9

Thank you distraction. I have been in training for most of the day and those precious minutes not spent in training were divided between delivering a maths test and just being frantic, with not enough space in my brain to remember everything I needed to do. 171 more words


Bolo de Arroz (Gluten free - Rice Cake)

Another traditional cake from Portugal. Every bakery and cafe sells this cake.


  • 150 g of caster sugar, plus for sprinkling
  • 150 g of gluten free flour…
  • 72 more words
Gluten Free

One of The Best Three "Daifuku" in Tokyo

“Daifuku(大福)” is a classical Japanese sweet. Sweet red beans jam, as called “anko(あんこ)” in Japanese, is stuffed in a soft round rice cake.

Matsushimaya(松島屋) is a local Japanese sweet shop in Takanawa, Tokyo, established in 1918. 196 more words

Beans Jam

Banh Beo Chay - Vegan Savory Steamed Rice Cakes

Banh Beo Chay is Vietnamese vegan steamed rice cake, topped with seasoning cooked mung bean, sautee  chopped carrots, and scallion oil. This savory  Banh Beo  is served with  Nuoc Cham Chay. 572 more words

Gluten Free