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Back to an easy, tasty Asian dish today, tteokbokki, Korean spicy rice cake.

I had my fair share of Korean drama growing up. In pretty much all of them, there will be a scene when the 2 main leads eat tteokbokki together. 608 more words


Korean Food in Houston

Ohn Korean Eatery

I have been exploring Houston’s food scene and have plenty of food to share. To start, Houston’s Korean food, in my opinion, is eh. 332 more words


Lucy in the pie

…with a 3D rendering of diamonds

(E ni kaita mochi; “A rice cake drawn in a picture”)


Something appealing that doesn’t actually do any good. 256 more words


Pempek Nasi Tuna Kaleng (Tuna Rice Cake)

Saya sebut pempek ini Pempek “by accident” karena bikinnya tanpa direncanakan #cieh

Awalnya bikin lontong trus ada satu lontong yang kelembekan, daripada kebuang mending diolah lagi. 249 more words


Cara membuat LONTONG pakai bungkus kitchen foil !

Dulu pernah sih share cara bikin Lontong disini cuma judulnya Lontong bule 😂 aku kasih nama gitu karena ini terobosan terbaru penemuanku di inggris lol 😆 di tempatku gak ada daun pisang jadi pakai kitchen foil. 23 more words


Banh uot Binh Dinh – Way back to pure country flavor

Along the  Central  Coast of Vietnam, you may have heard of a really familiar local dish named “banh uot”. It’s a simple but unique kind of food that represents pure soul and kind heart of this region’s people.   543 more words

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