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The Korean Supermarket: Shine Korea

Hey Guys!

Have you heard of Shine Korea? I’ve been walking past this shop for so many times. And each time I peer into this shop, I see rows and rows of I-don’t-know-what-they-mean Korean Instant noodles that – “trying to be healthy” me – gave it a pass all the time. 217 more words

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Tan Tan Memories of a Different Type of Omlette - Making Lily's Banh Bot Chien

Growing up in Houston, I frequently ate at Tan Tan Restaurant on Bellaire, as so many Vietnamese and Chinese Houstonians do. Beyond the delicious egg and rice noodle dishes I devoured, the highlight of each meal at Tan Tan was the opening appetizer, Banh Bot Chien. 200 more words


Korean Food Lover

Back in March, my then-fiance (now husband) and I visited Toronto for much needed quality time. One thing we love to do together, besides visiting historical sites, is discovering new restaurants and eating delicious food. 222 more words


Loaded Rice Cake Snack

I used to get really bad headaches if I went more than 3 hours without eating. I would eat a snack baggie of wheat thins or something and then feel better. 223 more words


bkf = Yomogi rice cake, fried squid fish cake...

bkf = Yomogi rice cake, fried squid fish cake, Shiitake mushroom cabbage minestrone, yogurt with pecan plus nectarines