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Straight from Taiwan!

Hi there,

My folks just came back from a short visit back to Taiwan for Chinese New Year.  They always return with amazing goodies for me!!! 37 more words

Late Night Snack

I tried not to eat “junk food” for a week, and I didn’t last the week. This week to cure my sweet tooth and avoid processed junk, I have been eating half a serving of peanut butter on a caramel rice cake topped with a few (liiterally 5-8…don’t go crazy) chocolate chips and half of a banana. 35 more words

bkf = three kind of mochi rice cake..

bkf = three kind of mochi rice cake (nori see weed powder, kinako roasted soy powder, sugar and soy sauce), ham, soy sprout, miso soup, yogurt with tangerine and Chia seed.

On My Daily Life

Rory’s mars bar and marshmallow, toffee crispies

Skip straight to the recipe?

As a child, we always used to make little crispy cakes, but I had never really experimented with all the different ingredients you could add to make these simple cakes even more incredible. 967 more words



I’m the type of person who doesn’t fear trying out food that’s alien to me, especially the quirky kinds. 428 more words

Axel Wally

Nian Gao - sticky rice cake for Chinese New Year (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan)

I discovered this sweet treat for the first time last year. The texture is soft and gelatinous, a bit like Turkish Delight. It is teeth-janglingly sweet, so a little goes a long way, but the rich, treacly flavour is strangely addictive. 535 more words

Gluten Free

Avocado Egg Rice Cake

This is one of my favorite breakfast meals! It’s so simple and easy. If you eat your breakfast at work, this is a great option as there are minimal ingredients and you only have to create the hard boiled eggs! 170 more words

Bri Rinehart