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Rice Cake

This Easy and Delicious Rice Cake is the perfect dessert for any holiday but to me it really SCREAMS Easter.  My mom made this rice cake EVERY Easter and I couldn’t wait! 229 more words


Rijstevlaai - Rice Pie

Rijstevlaai is another Dutch recipe. It’s really popular in the Netherlands, and there are even specialised shops for vlaai (literally “flat cake”). It was my first attempt, but according to my expert tester it was an 11/10, so I feel safe to share it. 525 more words


Discovering the Sweet Taste of Japanese Manju

In the beginning, I thought it was Mochi rice cake that I have eaten from when I was little. Then I looked again better and the seller told me that it was different. 457 more words


Tteok-bokki Sorta-ish

So I tried to make this popular Korean dish the other day and ultimately failed. I mean, it’s not even RED. It tasted fine, but it didn’t have that nice gochutang redness and flavor. 51 more words


The Best Part About Street Food

From fishcakes to different meats, there’s something so comforting about street food that elicits childhood memories. If you grew up in any Asian country, you know exactly what I mean. 143 more words


Matcha Swirl Mochi for Early Spring

Comparing to the snowy weather three weeks ago it is so much more like spring now. It is not just because the temperature is higher but because the sunlight is brighter and the air is lighter. 350 more words


Tahchin - Persian Baked Rice

Hello food lovers..Welcome back to this space where we share food experiences. The recipe I am sharing today has a persian origin which I learnt from my persian friend. 351 more words