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is that dew

When someone asks if you’re crying, always deny.

is that dew

the horse’s tears?

rice blossoms

— Haiku by Kobayashi Issa (translated by David G. Lanoue), cartoon by Jessica Tremblay (Old Pond Comics)


Gold field

I’m inside a moving car. It’s sunset. We passed a voluminous area of palay. I took out my camera and shot this pic. Remember that we’re moving and for me it’s beautiful how the sun shone from that side and how the shadows play its part. And also those two farmers!


Magical Ubud, Bali

May 18 – June 16, 2016

If we kept a diary and if we were a young girl, it would read something like this…

Dear Diary, today we fell in love.  1,326 more words


after seeing rice planting

after seeing rice planting

in remote provinces…

the geese depart