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My rice field

my rice field

the greatest sight of all!

summer’s early dawn


Hill Tribe Overnight Stay

My experience staying at a Hill Tribe Village in Northern Thailand. Photos, stories, and bucket list successes. 792 more words


Are the rice field's geese

Are the rice field’s geese

planning to fly north?

planning not to?

— Haiku by Kobayashi Issa, Tr. David G. Lanoue, ill. Old Pond Comics


rice field flooding

I’m pretty slow with posting, so these pictures are actually from June – rice field flooding marks the most visible start to the rice harvesting season. 39 more words


Ukiha: on our way to the farmer's market

My friend wanted to go to Japan’s countryside, and since I had been in Ukiha (Fukuoka prefecture) before, I suggested we go there together. It’s an incredible place with lots of nature and not many people. 92 more words


All the way to Pai!

14/10/2013 – Four hours in a Toyota Hiace with no leg room and I finally arrive in Pai. Stayed at the Spicy Pai Hostel, a 20-bed bungalow in the middle of a rice field, that is a sort of a backpackers paradise.