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Gooiest Rice Krispie Treats In the World

It’s a high pollution day here in Shanghai. On days like this I find it best to lock the doors, turn on the air filters, look up recipes and get cooking. 441 more words


Never Gonna

I am a parent, obviously. I hope I am a good parent. I have a son, and I adore him. I try to help him. He seems to be doing well. 417 more words


Spooky Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treat Pops

Of all the holidays, Halloween is my favorite for making festive treats. There are so many cute ideas floating around the interwebs and I find many of them so irresistibly charming.  597 more words


Candy Corn Almond Rice Krispies Treats

Want to know the perfect snack for your evening sweet tooth in October?  OK, here it is.  1 raw almond, 1 candy corn, put in your mouth at the same time.   189 more words


Fall Treats Are a Must This Season

Fall is in the air which means lots of yummy goodies are to be made. Fall signals the start of the holiday season, and the holiday season signals food, lots and lots of yummy food. 253 more words


Rice Krispie Crack Bars

Good old Rice Krispie Treats. You know what I’m talking about. That undeniably pleasing confection made by blending marshmallows and puffed rice cereal that has stood the test of time. 717 more words


Delicious Chocolatey Rocky Road Rice Krispie Treats

I was baking today, well I use the term ‘baking’ loosely as these are hardly any effort to throw together & fun to make if you happen to have smallies in the house. 204 more words