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Junk Food Phases of the Broke & Hungry

Okay, so technically I wrote this over a year ago when I was living on my own. I’ve since moved back in with my parents but my junk food phases still prevail. 336 more words

Bite My Lip

United States: Rice Krispie Treats

I didn’t cook them in the same week, or for the intention of the cooking challenge, but I thought it would be cool to include the recipe for another USA founded delicacy – Rice Krispie Treats! 92 more words

Easter Egg Decorating with Rice Krispie Treats

I loved dying Easter Eggs as a kid, but I have not kept up the tradition with my own kids since no one in our house is particularly fond of hard boiled eggs.  132 more words


Rice Krispie Treats

Happy National Cereal Day!  How do I celebrate cereal?!?  I add marshmallows and butter!  This is my simple rice krispie treat recipe.  Nothing over the top except I think you need to start with large marshmallows and then add smaller ones at the end.   176 more words

Sweet Tooth

Toast of Tuesday: Flaming Turtle Fondue

Raise your hand if you like chocolate. Keep it raised if you like setting things on fire. Now read more of this week’s Toast of Tuesday if you want to learn how to make flambeed turtle fondue with homemade rice crispy treats! 692 more words


Rice Krispie Treats

This sweet and sticky treat has been made in my family for years and I could never quite remember the recipe and I recently stumbled upon it again. 118 more words