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Vegan Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are a great summer appetizer because they are fresh and filled with crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs.  The spring rolls make a refreshing appetizer served with a simple sauce.   310 more words


Pad Thai

When you go to a Mexican restaurant, you prepare yourself to indulge on tacos or burritos. When you’re at an Italian restaurant, you prepare yourself to be delighted by a pizza. 1,055 more words

Main Course

Beef and Broccoli Rice Noodles

Some of you might not know, I’m Chinese second generation born and raised in Panama. In Panama Chinese food is great. You can find from traditional whole in the wall restaurants with amazing dishes to the typical ones that are kind of blended with Panamanian cuisine. 331 more words


Vegetable Lo Mein

Though noodle-heavy dishes are not my favorite, I’ve always wanted to try making a lo mein recipe. This one from Forks Over Knives‘ cookbook seemed to be just right for me. 526 more words


My Global Kitchen: Crispy and Cool Rice Vermicelli Salad!

If I were a purist, I would tell you that this salad is far from an authentic Vietnamese or Thai noodle salad. I would tell you that we, North Americans, tend to «Americanize» everything and that in the end, foods from other cultures served here are a pale comparison of the original ethnic dish at the source of inspiration. 1,307 more words


Nutty noodles?

13th April 2015

I don’t know what to call this dish? Nutty, veggie rice noodles? That’ll do.

I made a thin omelette and cut it into ribbons. 70 more words

Quick Thai Peanut Chicken with Rice Noodles

This is currently my favorite thing to eat ever since my husband decided to make it for me. It’s very simple to make and does not take long at all. 361 more words