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PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT (Pho Hung) - Hung's Special

About the meal: It’s one of the tastiest phos I’ve had in Toronto! The pho is a Vietnamese style beef rice noodle soup; the special is served with rare beef, well done beef, as well as with tripe and tendon. 124 more words


Chinese food - rice noodles

In the other blog four typical of Chinese food, it introduced a bit of Chinese food, and I know, you would not be pleased with only read words and look at pictures, so I will introduce two types of rice noodles that you can eat within Cardiff area. 391 more words


Curry Shrimp & Rice Noodles

I love curry, but I rarely order it at restaurants because it’s too spicy and bothers my stomach. So I decided to come up with my own curry recipe that has all the flavors I like without the heat. 290 more words


Shrimps & Proscuitto tossed with Rice Noodles

Honestly, I need to make more time to get on my site. I have been trying to find myself again ever since my mom passed away. 114 more words

Taiwanese thick Fish noodle soup

There are more than a few recipes that I loved eating in Taiwan …

I stumbled upon this one randomly. While traveling I like wandering off into streets without knowing where they lead to. 127 more words

Hokkien hor fun from Fast Wok

This is one of my all time fav dishes when I was in malaysia especially for dinner or supper.. it’s just something about the oily tasty fried rice noodles that hits the spot! 48 more words

Eat Out

curry soup with rice noodles and vegetables

This soup has it all: it’s flavorful, filling, a little spicy (not too much) and slightly sweet. It also contains a great amount of greens, it’s gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and it has a tropical touch thanks to the coconut milk and the kaffir lime leaves. 511 more words