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Mountain Top Homemade Prepared Mustard

One of the joys of living here…NOT…Is the fact that everyone must use the same importer because everyone runs out of the same product at the same time and then it appears at the same time albeit months later and also it can be very expensive…. 730 more words

Helm's Eurasian Salad

Craving a home salad after too many days on the road, I created this atop a picnic cooler in my motel room. The dressing evolved from a crate of  mixed condiments and out came a unique European—Asian dressing with a sublime balance.

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Pomegranate Relish or Dressing

It’s pretty easy to clean a pomegranate, just cut it in half and pull the edges than knock it on the outside with a spoon and the seeds fall out. 422 more words

Single Serving

Southwest Cole Slaw


  • 1 small head of green cabbage, chopped fine, salted
  • 1 small head of red cabbage, chopped fine, salted
  • 10 carrots, in ¼ in strips…
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Carrot Salad

I made a sandwich using a delicious carrot salad. The sandwich is definitely not vegan, but the salad is. I ate it both as a salad and as a sandwich slaw. 104 more words


Seared Tuna over Soba Noodles

I look forward to making my meals each day. First my morning Smoothie, then a big salad for lunch and a gourmet dinner I plan and shop to find just the right ingredients. 718 more words


sulfite-free pumpkin seed dressing, an alternative to vinaigrette

Election time over here in France… Dear neighbors, there has been a coup d’état in our home ! On our table the traditional « vinaigrette » has been overthrown by this dressing! 167 more words

Sulfite Free