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Preserved Cherry Blossoms

I was so excited to learn about this technique before our Japanese cherry trees blossomed.  I ended up waiting a month because our growing season is so behind everyone else.  634 more words

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Study claims climate change is having a 'devastating' effect on the nutrition of rice

Rice – the staple food of billions – will become less nutritious as carbon dioxide (CO2) levels increase, a new study suggests.

Through cultivating the grain in the high CO2 environments projected for the second half of the century, researchers found a drop in essential nutrients such as protein, zinc, iron, and various B vitamins. 398 more words


Saffron Pernod Shrimp. 5/23/18

Having finished up our leftovers of this dish last night our daughter declared that it was like eating in a restaurant! That is high praise indeed since she rarely eats any of our food. 116 more words


Beef Teriyaki

This meal, adapted from Japanese recipes, brings Wagamama’s straight to your plate and home, and is much lower in fat.

Serves 2.



Vermicelli Rice "My Grandma Signature Rice"

Vermicelli rice, in my book, is the perfect side dish to pair with a saucy and hearty beef stew or  braise (check onion-beef braise recipe ) 341 more words


Rice and Cheese Pudding ~1915

Rice and Cheese Pudding Recipe.

This recipe offers a twist on the Rice and Cheese recipe from 1913. Had to read the recipe through a few times before jumping in – lots of little twists. 154 more words

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