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Squid Risotto

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 40 min.

One of my favorite risotto dishes is Risotto ai Calamari from the Liguria region in Italy. Easy to make, downright delicious. 304 more words


Protein Risotto

GUESTS APPROVED. Recipe created in Barcelona, improved in Ibiza. People were devouring it with an “oh!”, “bf!”.

Well done, Banana.

Reagents (2 servings)


📍 7010 Warden Ave || http://www.ajisen.ca/

I haven’t been to Ajisen in a while, and since Mimi really likes and suggested it, I took her there with her mom 😊 . 129 more words


Phirni/ Kheer/Rice Payasam

Kheer or Phirni as its known in the North Western states of India is a rice pudding made with milk and rice.I remember having made this a few years ago right off a television show. 283 more words


Tofu & Veggie Rice Bowl for Personal Growth

For personal growth…https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0ZNYGrmcehorhh9JOeg5Iv

Every person has suffered hardships in their life. These hardships are often referred to as “growth opportunities.” A pretty wise woman told me that whenever someone says you are facing a growth opportunity, it means that you’re going through a shitty thing that hurts like hell. 1,684 more words