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Robert Kiyosaki: From Rich Dad to Bankrupt Dad?

I first heard about Robert Kiyosaki was when I was in high school. My older brother was raving about it during one of our Sunday family gatherings. 910 more words


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Anyone stuck in the rat-race of living paycheck to paycheck, enslaved by the house mortgage and bills, will appreciate this breath of fresh air. Learn about the methods that have created more than a few millionaires. 70 more words



If you’re unprepared, everything is risky

Wonderful thought of Robert kiyosaki (From the book, why we want you to be rich?)


Perused Books: Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial Intelligence by Robert Kiyosaki

The title of the books says it all. We have to increase financial intelligence. This is actually one of the growing collection of books by Robert Kiyosaki. 765 more words


Fraza memorabila 262

262.”Singura diferenta dintre o persoana bogata si una saraca sta in modul in care isi folosesc timpul.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Octavian Micu

What I’m learning on my journey to wealth creation . . .

Money seldom solves a person’s money problems. Financial literacy solves your money problems. Make your financial freedom the most important bill you pay every month. Ann Wilson.

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