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So I’ve just been watching this week’s episode of WWE Raw. I’ve always loved wrestling (watching not doing!) and like to think that my reward for this was when they arranged Wrestlemania 31 on my 40th birthday (thanks Vince!) I’d never really planned to do anything special to mark the occasion but, when the date of Wrestlemania was announced, I knew that was what I had to do! 501 more words

I spent 6 months worth of my savings in 1 phone call

In my last post I raved on and on about the books and podcasts that I listen to to get inspiration and learn and one of those resources was the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. 704 more words

Game CashFlow tiếng việt (101 Việt, 102 English)

Hẳn các bạn, những ai đọc bộ sách dạy con làm giàu của “Robert kiyosaki” thì bạn sẽ thấy tác giả có nhắc dến thường xuyên “vòng quay chuột” và trò chơi CashFlow. 397 more words


Multiple Streams of Income

Earning extra money on the side is no longer optional; it’s necessary.  -Unknown

Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, a world-renowned architect, futurist, inventor, and visionary, also measured wealth in time. 1,029 more words

Wow!!! Tyrese Buys His 8-Year-Old Daughter Shayla Her Own Island for Christmas

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the “Fast and Furious” star talked glowingly about his 8-year-old daughter, Shayla, whom he recently co-wrote a book series with. 90 more words


I met Robert Kiyosaki in the Slum

Ever had an unexpected encounter in the oddest of places? Something akin to finding water in the dessert, or being schooled on living a purpose driven life by a 6 year old. 228 more words

Review of Why A Students Work for C Students and B Students Work for the Government

Summary: Why A Students Work for C Students is by the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and primarily talks about educating children on finances because the schools are set up to teach kids to be employees and bureaucrats but not entrepreneurs. 342 more words

Book Review