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Miracle Morning #43

Today I got up at five thirty. I couldn’t sleep well last night.

Yesterday I visited at my mother’s apartment. She had lots of clothes and kimonos. 46 more words


9 factors for financial freedom

A man with an impeccable suit and a pin stripped shirt… golden cuff-links and a solid shiny necktie seats behind his desk up on the 30th floor with a striking view of the city. 981 more words

Marketing, Sales and Transformation

I know kung-fu.
— Neo

For years I had the idea that marketing or sales people were up to no good. Of course, that reflects poorly on me, not them.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad was one of the earliest book (if not the first, i forget now) that I have read that delved on finances and making money. 160 more words


How Reading Changed my Life

As a child, I was never a big reader. I read books, but I would say I was far from an avid reader. I remember in elementary school, we use to have a book reading contest which involved getting a sticker for every book you read and at the time “Goosebumps” books were all the craze (may have just dated myself). 819 more words

Self Improvement


I respect for entrepreneurs. They start their business though they take a risk of bankruptcy. I’d like to start a business soon. But I don’t know what I should do. 151 more words


What I’d like to achieve this year

I’m not good at planing anything, because I don’t expect myself.

I’d like to realize my dreams. First of all, I have to embody my dreams. 296 more words