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The life of a hustler

It all begins with hustling which brings immortality into a life. The rich and the poor both have differences but both have common things, they both smile they both get sad all the same .

The Unorthodox MAN.

Enough has been said about the fact that men are superior. They get everything they want. Women are always treated differently as compared to men! Ever thought about how difficult it is for a guy with an unorthodox dream to live in our society? 314 more words

Raunak Agarwal

She Regrets Nothing by Andrea Dunlop | Review

She Regrets Nothing
by Andrea Dunlop
Published by Atria Books
on February 6th, 2018
Genre: Contemporary
Steamy Level:

S C A N D A L O U S… 395 more words


Τα πλουσιόπαιδα του Λονδίνου «έκαψαν» το «Χίλτον» για χάρη του Β. Καρρά

Γόνοι ευκατάστατων Ελλήνων στο Λονδίνο μετέτρεψαν σε νυχτερινό κέντρο το πεντάστερο ξενοδοχείο. Λουλουδοπόλεμος αξίας δεκάδων χιλιάδων λιρών στα πόδια του Βασίλη Καρρά! Πάνω από 1.000 άτομα – οι περισσότεροι γόνοι ευκατάστατων Ελλήνων – διασκέδασαν το βράδυ του Σαββάτου με τα σουξέ του λαϊκού τραγουδιστή στο Hilton.  19 more words


Duality of Privilege

When you apply the concept duality to privilege, it creates a rather interesting perspective. Consider example A:

John is the child of a wealthy family. His grandfather did very well, and John’s parents never had to work. 624 more words

Teaching Generosity to Rich Kids

How do you teach generosity to rich kids? I use the term “rich kids” to mean children between the ages of 6-17 who have everything they need – and most of the things they want – because they have been born into a first-world situation. 989 more words


Why I Left Jewish Education, Part IV

20 Uncomfortable Facts, Part III

11. The Sad Reality Of The ‘B’

We are living in a sad situation. Jewish schools have become commercialized businesses. The schools are forced to cater to the whims and wishes of the students and parents, or risk losing the tuitions that keep the schools running. 1,257 more words