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Week 5 Blog: Rich User Experiences

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For this week’s blog we were present two possible topics to cover, “Encouraging Commitment” from Building Successful Online Communities or “Rich User Experiences” from O’Reilly’s… 374 more words

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Just how rich is Skype's user experience?

User experience is one of the most important and valuable principles to the success of Web 2.0 platforms. Collectively, users input intelligence and data that develops into an eco-system of intellectual property, making users the most valuable assets to web platforms. 696 more words

Rich User Experiences

Web2.0 Rich user experiences

Another one of the Tim O’Reilly eight cores of Design Patterns and Business Models” is Rich user experiences. Rich user experiences refer to the development of web page application. 257 more words

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Rich User Experiences: Dropbox

Rich User Experiences is one of the eight core web 2.0 design patterns (O’Reilly, 2005), and it refers to internet applications that combine elements of desktop and online services. 607 more words

Rich user experiences

For this post I am going to address the fourth pattern of web 2.0 that described by Tim O`Reilly, “Rich User Experiences”. Rich user experience can be typically defined as the combination of GUI… 469 more words

Rich User Experiences

Rich User Experiences

This week in our 4th out of 8 web 2.0 patterns by Tim O’Reilly. We will be discussing Rich User Experiences. This week’s web 2.0 pattern is about combining the best of both online and offline user experiences. 544 more words

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Rich user experiences

Rich User Experiences” is a part of  “Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software” which wrote by Tim O’Reilly.  He claims that Web 2.0 application is combining the strengths of the web with a desktop interface can rich user experiences.  243 more words

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