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Why do you criticize the better off?

I often see people criticizing the ones who have prospered. And if you are not one of them, you can save your time by not reading this. 311 more words

It's not a question of party, it's a question of pocket book.

The fight between Democrats and Republicans seems like an already psychotic form of a Hydra on steroids. You know, that thing that Hercules fought and it kept growing more heads. 1,199 more words


Top 3 Home Based Business Ideas That Can Make You Rich - MLM | Network Marketing Works

Home based business ideas have changed the way people work and live, but knowing the right one to choose can be a little confusing. Find the right one here… 8 more words

Tatiana Branch: Commercials for crisis?

The Super Bowl is the largest televised sporting event in the country. Millions of people tune in to not only watch the game but the silly, one-day commercials that companies air only for this occasion. 197 more words


Guinness Braised Beef Ribs

This is a really hearty and delicious stew with plenty of flavour – The long braising time gives the sauce plenty of richness.


1.5 – 2 kg beef short ribs (if you buy back ribs there will be far less meat) cut into shorter pieces… 444 more words

6F11 Motorbike (click here)

Bikers love cities and are not a threat to its future.  Cities are a haven for the rich and the poor.  The rich need their windows cleaned, the poor can do the job.  161 more words

Chocolate Red Wine Cake Truffles & Stout Brownie Truffles

You’ve had cake. You’ve had brownies. You’ve had truffles. But, have you ever had…


Behold: Dark chocolate red wine cake truffles with coconut, and milk chocolate stout brownie truffles with crushed peanut butter pretzels. 515 more words