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Be Present

We all have that one friend who has a never-ending variety of tie-dye shirts and bandanas? You know, the one who magically manages to weave the topic of LSD into any conversation? 308 more words

Quote Of The Day: 01/22/2015

What Einstein demonstrated in physics is equally true of all other aspects of the cosmos: all reality is relative. Each reality is true only within given limits.

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Ram Dass - Be Here Now

Be Here Now

With Maharaji’s permission, Ram Dass published the book Be Here Now in America in 1971. He gave instructions to the publisher to print the book and came to India with the first copy to present to Maharaji. 249 more words

Business As Usual

Timothy Leary – Writings From The Harvard Years

Timothy Leary – The Harvard Years  Early Writings on LSD and Psilocybin with Richard Alpert, Huston Smith, Ralph Metzner, and others. Edited and Introduced by James Penner. 302 more words


Richard Alpert

Richard Alpert (aka Ram Dass)


Born to a Jewish family in Massachusetts Richard Alpert considered himself an atheist and did not profess any religion during his early life, describing himself as “inured to religion. 564 more words

Business As Usual

Episode 2: 1867-1954

Join Anna and Wendy for a discussion of episode 2 of Chronologically LOST, 002: 1867-1954, featuring most of Ab Aeterno plus time travel flashes from season 5. 41 more words

Radhe Guru Maa - The Hanuman Bhakta who 'digested' LSD


In the late sixties and early seventies, when the hippy movement was its peak, several spiritual seekers from Western countries experimented with drugs. LSD was a popular drug in those days. 176 more words