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Like a kid on Christmas morning!

My friend John has a relationship with God that I greatly admire because he always seems to be in step with and enthused about what God is doing. 162 more words


The Coffee is Brewing

Jesus did not endure his days on earth out of a sense of obligation. His life was characterized by joy and energy; it was spent in relationship with others.

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A Peek Behind the Curtain

They were dispersed over a large area and feeling quite alone. Experiencing great difficulty on many levels. They likely felt very discouraged. Perhaps they even questioned their faith in this carpenter from Nazareth who had come back to life. 359 more words


An Unmanageable God

“Manageable visions
are not worthy
of an unmanageable God.”

Pause long enough to reflect on this quote by Larry Crabb from Shattered Dreams. At some level and in some way we all want to be in control; but God is untamable and unmanageable. 38 more words


Climbing Mount God

So—how do you scale something as majestic as Mount God? How do you get to know someone as big as Him?

Answer: a little at a time.

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Not an evening stroll!

Wait Lord, I need to catch my breath! (pant, wheeze, gasp)

“I have learned to appreciate my father’s willingness to let God be the mystery that he is and, with eyes wide open, to pursue him, not with the precision of a crossword puzzle fanatic but with the reckless passion of a pilot flying into the Bermuda Triangle. 

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I was feeling good about it until...

The onset of increasing age, poor eating habits and very little exercise combined to make the two previous years… BRUTAL!

I’m speaking of the 5-day parent/teen extreme camping trip that Josh and I did a few weeks back. 403 more words