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Let Your Voice be Heard

Kingman, the most important thing you can do right now is let your voice be heard. Get out and vote Tuesday, August 30. These past 6 years have produced more for Kingman than ever before in our history. 24 more words

Public-Private Partnerships for Kingman

I have been talking about public-private partnerships as a solution for funding Kingman projects and I feel it is important that we all be clear on just what they are. 27 more words

Protecting Our Water

I have been actively involved in finding solutions for our water resources since I arrived in Kingman in 2008. I am an advocate for the protection of our precious resources. 30 more words

Great Quote by Will Rogers

“America is a land of opportunity and don’t ever forget it.” ~ Will Rogers
– Kingman AZ, Richard Anderson, Will Rogers – Mayor Richard Anderson

Youth Leadership

Today I am at the League of Cities of Arizona annual conference. Here, a quorum of the council members of Kingman can attend, being what is called a Common council. 31 more words

Kingman's Greatest Growth in History

In the past 6 years we have enjoyed the greatest growth in Kingman’s History. It has become increasingly clear that my strategy of using public/private partnerships is the best route for Kingman’s Economic Development and our next leap in growth. 20 more words

Sheriff's Endorsement

I have seen comments inferring that my not endorsing a Sheriff candidate was a negative vote for Cori Merryman. I reiterate; the reason that I am not endorsing a Sheriff candidate is that, as Mayor, I do not speak for the City and that the professionals in the City of Kingman Police Department… – kingman, Richard Anderson, Sheriff candidate, Sheriff’s Endorsement – Mayor Richard Anderson