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imageshop - 'the choice'

Not sure about you lot, but I am still smiling like a total goon, at the more-than-welcome news that Steve’s much longed-for book of photography is finally about to be published. 1,890 more words

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jansen photo book - watch this space!

See what happens when I take time away from the blog, to concentrate on real life, for a couple of weeks? There I was, busy herding umpteen teenagers up a Cumbrian ‘mountain’, when my phone pinged and I received a message telling me that Steve had finally announced that he is to publish a book, featuring 170 of his photographs. 517 more words

Steve Jansen

karnial cluster - (it's his birthday...today)

So, just what is the correct etiquette for acknowledging the birthday of someone who is no longer with us? Is there a handy self-help book for such things, I wonder? 3,696 more words

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sleepyard - 'the place where things adrift end up'

I have a confession to make and I feel that today is the day to come clean. For, despite all appearances to the contrary, I have to admit that when it comes to my ‘status’ as a fan of the band Japan I am what you may call a renaissance woman; or to put it more bluntly, ‘ 1,512 more words

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PARCO 'art of parties' exhibition 1982

When Japan finally ‘broke’ in the UK in 1981, and we were suddenly inundated with what felt like dozens of Hansa re-releases vying for attention with the new Tin Drum material, many people did not realise just how popular the band had already been for the previous 4 years in their namesake country. 972 more words

Steve Jansen

penguin cafe - 'cooking in a room with people'

Those of you who regularly follow Steve’s ‘sleepyard’ tumblr (or who inhabit the shady world of Japan fb sites, where these pictures are often re-posted within seconds of Steve hitting ‘enter’) can’t fail to have noticed the slew of amazing photos he unearthed last week, documenting the opening of the Penguin Cafe in 1981.  906 more words

Archival Shots

life moves on - 7 months in blogdom

Were I a stickler for such things, then this post would have been written & published 4 weeks ago, as I had always intended to do a “6 months on” piece about the blog. 1,552 more words

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