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japan - 'a foreign place'

  1. Exactly a year ago, a group of around 100 music-loving misfits crowded into the (now sadly defunct) Buffalo Bar in Islington, to celebrate the launch of Anthony Reynolds’ long-awaited biography of our favourite band, ‘japan’.
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behind the scenes - recording with akiko yano

Fasten your seatbelts and hang on to your hats folks, for tonight’s post goes off on a slight tangent. As previously mentioned, now that the blog has made it unscathed through the first 12 months of life, it is time to stir things up a bit and for us to stray a little off the beautifully beaten path we have been marching down for the last year. 1,564 more words

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'life moves on' (2) - 12 months in blogdom

So, how has 2015 been for you? Good? I do hope so.

It may seem a bit premature to be asking such questions, when we are still 8 weeks away from the end of the year, but I am feeling in a somewhat reflective mood this evening. 2,077 more words

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'celebration' - the 'japan' renaissance of 2015

Remember 1982?

If you do, then you will recall that this was the year of the seemingly, never-ending glut of Japan-related paraphernalia. As Hansa went up against Virgin in the ‘coining-it-in’ stakes, releasing single after single from the band’s pre-1980 back catalogue (and confusing many a  new fan along the way…) it seemed as if every magazine editor in the land had just realised that sticking Sylvian’s face on the front cover would guarantee fabulous sales. 944 more words

Steve Jansen

Japan - A Foreign Place - The Biography (1974-1984)

Japan – A Foreign Place – The Biography (1974-1984) is a new in-depth look at one of the most influential (and often neglected) bands of the late 70s / early 80s. 722 more words

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'talking drum(mer)' - words with steve jansen

This week’s post is just that little bit special. And when I say “just that little bit”, I actually mean “hugely & magnificently”.  For today’s contribution to the blog, features the very man whose name it proudly bears, having a bit of a chat about his new book…..none other than the rather lovely Steve Jansen. 2,336 more words

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'through a quiet window'

So, today was the day quite a few of us have been waiting a rather long time for (about 3 decades in my case).  Around 6am, Steve posted an update to his facebook site, advising that the Artes Publishing website would be accepting pre-orders of his book, and that the initial 300 copies would be signed. 387 more words

Archival Shots