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Richard Bausch’s novella is a slice of war: World War II, the Italian Campaign.

It could be a three person play. Joyner, a soldier with prejudices; Asch, a non-practicing Jewish soldier; and Marston, the immediate commanding officer, who is the “good soldier”. 146 more words

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Sewanee Writers' Conference

Today is my last full day of the Sewanee Writer’s Conference. This conference is jam-packed with writerly things. You could wake up, eat breakfast at eight, and never run out of things to do on this campus until well after midnight: Readings, craft talks, workshops, meals, socials/parties, more meals. 401 more words

Review of Flash Fiction International

A review by Sarah Freligh:

In 1992, James Thomas concluded his introduction to the anthology Flash Fiction by  wondering “whether ‘flash fiction’ will be an avid endeavor of the present literary generation.” Twenty-three years later, evidenced by the recently published… 716 more words

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Richard Bausch, lit hero, reprising tip #35

painting: Jane Eaton Hamilton, Paris, 2014

Reprise # 35

“Every sentence contains what seems like a thousand possibilities, including not being used at all. Consider that possibility, too. 144 more words

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Richard Bausch #28

photo by: Jane Eaton Hamilton: orchid

“In an experiment in NY in the mid sixties, they asked elementary school children to draw their parents. They were too young to have any attitudes or opinions; they saw things directly, from experience. 212 more words

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The wise Richard Bausch

On Writing by Richard Bausch

“You are not putting life on the page; you’re making fiction, which has more to do with itself than it will ever really have to do with life. 96 more words

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Book Review - Love Story Special

This Valentine’s Day I decided to read some of my favourite love stories. So I took out my favourite love story collections and put them together in a pile and started reading some of the stories. 917 more words

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