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Ukrainian Anti-Semitism Deniers: Are You Ever Going To Tell the Truth?

The Anglo-American establishment that runs the major media is running a systematic campaign, in an attempt to deny the neo-Nazi, anti-semitic nature of the illegitimate government Washington and the EU installed in Ukraine. 428 more words

Neo-Nazi Coup

Private Lobbyists Get Public Pensions in 20 States.

As a lobbyist in New York’s statehouse, Stephen Acquario is doing pretty well. He pulls down $204,000 a year, more than the governor makes, gets a… 861 more words

Associated Press

Former Assemblyman: New Tappan Zee Bridge Will Mean Major Toll Hikes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — No toll hike is planned for the Tappan Zee Bridge next year, but a former state assemblyman from Westchester County said the move is only delaying the inevitable.. 389 more words


The Whimsy Organizers' Dangerous Sway

Some Americans met Newt Gingrich’s recommendation that Occupiers “get a job right after they take a shower” with thunderous applause, while others reacted with indignation. Yet, a majority of Americans probably had little reaction to the comment. 665 more words


Will Conductor Cuomo Put the M.T.A. On Track?

Transportation wonks have a habit of talking about Jay Walder, the outgoing head of the M.T.A., in messianic terms, as though he were the only man capable of fixing the agency’s myriad problems—an aging system, run by intransigent unions, with almost no political support. 1,182 more words

Andrew Cuomo

Excerpts from Tales from the Sausage Factory: We Need the Legislature, Good or Bad – or Good and Bad

By March 2010, one State Senator darkly joked that he longed for the days of “dysfunction” – at least it “has function in its title.” 493 more words

New York State Government