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Hominin hominin hominin

Many years ago I was reading Donald Johanson’s Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind and watching The Honeymooners at the same time. Bad idea. This one note bit popped into my head and I have not been able to shake it since. 185 more words


SHAPIRO: Why the Left Protects Islam — Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Leftists, Islamists share goal to destroy Western civilization Town Hall – July 26, 2017 68 Comments https://www.infowars.com/shapiro-why-the-left-protects-islam/ Richard Dawkins is no friend to conservatives. The atheist author has spent much of his life deriding Judaism and Christianity.

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Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Atheist Stifled for Rapping Islam

Once again, the Left turns on one of its own.

Richard Dawkins, the Western world’s leading Christian-basher, made the mistake of criticizing Islam. Instantly, a speech he was to give at Berkeley University next month was cancelled by its organizers ( 154 more words


How did we get here (or, how we argue about it)?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, listening, and thinking lately (so I’ve a billion things going through my head), and one of those things has been the creation/evolution debate. 1,082 more words

Who Is God?

I gave the following presentation to students involved with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Bridgwater State University on October 4, 2016.

Who Is God?

I saw something interesting this past week. 4,399 more words

Atheists Have an Islam Problem

Don’t worry, this is one is not about Trump, socialism, or racism. It’s time for an old-fashioned religion post.


So, Richard Dawkins has been banned from speaking at Berkeley because of his negative statements on Islam. 1,142 more words

Pass the popcorn: Famous atheist Richard Dawkins banned from speaking at Leftist university

Leftists are a self-parody. Richard Dawkins is perhaps the most popular and iconic hater of Jesus, yet these Leftists banned him for daring to criticize their most-favored-religion of Islam.   133 more words