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So What If You're Wrong?

The title of this post was a question asked by a believer on an atheist’s blog. The full comment was:

The biggest side-step ever was made by Richard Dawkins when he was asked “What if you’re wrong?” by a student in a Q&A session.

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Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age

Unfortunately, contemporary American culture is increasingly anti-Christian. How should Christians respond to a rapidly changing American culture? Do we resign ourselves to pessimism, convinced that many of the moral foundations upon which our society once stood have collapsed and are now irrevocable? 2,816 more words


"The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins


Short Story:

I still remember the day that I first picked up this book. It was the end of a workday in Boston seven years ago and there was a lady at the train station giving out little strips of paper, on which read, “free e-meter reading”. 643 more words

Book Reviews

Dawkins attacks Japan for whaling

I am inclined to agree with Richard Dawkins and think this could hurt the ecosystem. It is unbelievable they would simply pull out of the IWC agreement, but maybe they felt they could while Trump is destroying all the organizations and people are clamoring for more realpolitik. 30 more words

Christian Books I Read In 2018

This year, as well as the Popsugar Reading Challenge, I challenged myself to read a Christian book a month as I’ve got a few gathering dust on my book shelf. 5,126 more words


Visions of a Better World

Noam Chomsky, Richard Dawkins, Martin Rees and others answer the question: What’s your utopia?

Unless you are too stoned or enlightened to care, you are probably dissatisfied with the world as it is. 1,914 more words


At the Centre of the Rainbow Light Circle

I’m writing these lines after a day full of sightseeing lying in my hostel bed in Saigon, Vietnam. In stead of coming up with Vietnamese travel tales, however, this is going to be a different sort of post – not really about traveling at all, but rather about the magic of reality (but traveling often enough covers both: magic and reality). 1,076 more words