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Clown Logic

Here is what you need to know about The God Delusion and God is Not Great:

If you submitted a paper in almost any high school or college course, but especially something like history, logic/debate, or philosophy, using the sleepy, undisciplined, bungling and earsplitting rhetoric used by either Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens… 207 more words

Republics & Reichs

Asshole Talk Show Host Disses Lion Killer... (for ratings, nothing more!)

This piece of human excrement is jumping on the hate bandwagon so he can boost his TV ratings…

That’s right, Kimmel, keep shooting off your big fat pie hole and revealing the avaricious, self-absorbed brain behind it!  353 more words

Heretics, Horsemen and Horsewoman

Anyone interested in Hitchens will likely appreciate activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s most recent book,  Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.  Ayaan was born in Somalia, but escaped her repressive upbringing, and a bumpy road (she was working with Danish cartoonist Theo Van gogh when he was killed after publishing cartoons) to became an activist.   273 more words

Ateismin paradoksia iskostetaan myös musiikilla

Suomalainen metallimusiikin maailmanmenestys Nightwish julistaa kehitysoppia uudella levyllään Endless forms most beautiful, jonka nimi on valittu Charles Darwinin mukaan kunnioittamaan elämän kauneutta, luontoa, tiedettä ja järkeä 592 more words


Looking for a new saviour

Religion has been taking hits on all fronts recently. In Ireland we are known for drinking too much and being blindly devoted to God both of which is true but I think things are changing and in more ways than people think. 536 more words


Dawkins, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

You’re with it by now, right? Lauren Nelson (Lake?) loves Richard Dawkins. She wrote a crappy post, got called out on it, then on her blog told us how we got it wrong, that she loves him but he could do better. 1,183 more words