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Dawkins Gets Something Right

Another counterfactual: if the South had won the civil war, not a single one of us would be here. A world full of other people would be here…

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Richard Dawkins

Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards are funny. But the whole survival of the fittest idea–that the dumb die out preserving the species–makes no sense. The people who, in natural selection terms, deserve the Darwin awards are, in the narrowest sense, people like me, who have no children. 601 more words

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Silencing dissenting voices

[W]hen we look at the ways in which some in the contemporary secularizationist movement have silenced critics (or even those who don’t criticize but just offer a competing view), we see stark similarities with radical Islam’s blasphemy laws. 160 more words

Richard Dawkins

Dear atheists, I concede that you are better people than me. Now let's talk about how you compare to Jesus and his standard . . .

I’ve often seen atheists trumpet about how they are better and more moral than Christians.  I find the arguments to be fallacious and pointless, as they are part of the atheist’s incoherent worldview that you can have moral laws without a moral law-giver, and they conveniently script a moral code that just happens to align with what they… 263 more words



At the moment I am currently reading Christopher Hitchens’s autobiography, Hitch-22. Hitchens is my favourite orator of all time; his command of the English language was incredible. 424 more words

I Don't Have a Mancrush on Richard Dawkins

Every guy has a mancrush. One of mine is Vern S. Poythress.

Poythress is close to his 60’s and is a New Testament scholar and philosopher. 797 more words

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