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Has Science Discovered God?

This video explores the latest discoveries from physics and astronomy on the universe and biology and DNA and how these relate to the existence of God. 16 more words


Global Atheist Convention cancelled for lack of interest

A Global Atheist Convention was supposed to be held next February in Melbourne, Australia, but it’s been cancelled due to lack of interest.

In a commentary for… 164 more words



I don’t think apatheism is a real word. Its the smashing together of apathy and theism. Its meant to describe an outlook that I think isn’t neatly intended by atheism. 957 more words

Fundamental Joeyism

Beware the Hyper-Calvinist Atheists!

In order to understand our culture and ourselves there are some subjects that it is vital to grasp.  In terms of answering the question ‘who am I?’ or ‘who are we?’ we need to consider the question of moral responsibility and free will.    909 more words

Atheism And Secularism

El genio de Darwin (documental)

En este documental, de tres episodios, Richard Dawkins, profesor de biología en Oxford y divulgador científico, nos explica el trabajo que hizo posible el descubrimiento que cambio el curso de la ciencia y del pensamiento místico. 90 more words


Potato diet (1)

I’ve gotten fat.

Which is quite an embarrassing thing to admit. Too much of the good life. Poor diet coupled with a now sedentary lifestyle. I used to be able to rely on my above average metabolism and workout regime to keep me lean. 1,240 more words

Self Improvement