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Mitos Asal-Usul, Penciptaan, dan Agama

Semua bangsa memiliki mitos asal-usul untuk menjelaskan dari mana mereka berasal. Dalam mitologi suku Aborigin Tasmania, dewa bernama Moinee dikalahkan oleh dewa bernama Dromerdeener dalam pertempuran di antara bintang-bintang. 1,371 more words

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You Can't Go Homeopathy Again

President Ben Carson stood at the head of a large round table, underground. The walls were a gallery of flashing lights and giant monitors; maps and graphs and readings. 823 more words

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Awful Authorities

I was reading an article by Richard Dawkins about why there is almost certainly no God. It’s impressive in how aggressively he misunderstands the subject matter, but it’s even more impressive how much he misunderstands what people have said about it. 1,570 more words


Richard Dawkins' 'myth'

Richard Dawkins claims that the Bible is about myths (we must say, ‘what wonderful myths!’).  He continually attacks the God of the Bible and equates Him with Zeus and Jupiter.  392 more words

Answering Sceptics

Contrast Project Introduction Podcast

Unravelling truths about Science, Religion, Consciousness, God, Existence, Skepticism and Cosmology.

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“The feeling of awed wonder that science can give us is one of the highest experiences of which the human psyche is capable.

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Why atheist = dunciehead : A simple explanation

“The fool had  said in his heart ; there  is  no  God”

…….Psalm 14:1…….

Great book  that it  is  the  Bible  is  once  again spot  on. 779 more words

Richard Dawkins in Non-Offensive Twitter Tirade

Following on from his previous Twitter tirade of misogynistic, anti-semitic, Islamophobic, sandwich-hating tweets, Richard Dawkins has once again set the world of internet outrage addicts aflame with a new set of controversial tweets, only this time his supporters insist he has been misinterpreted and that he has nothing to apologise for. 562 more words

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