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Exposing Richard Dawkins' Fearful Statement on William Lane Craig.

William Lane Craig is widely seen to be the world’s leading Christian apologist. Craig has two PhDs from leading universities and is also the author of over 30 books. 666 more words


Angry Atheist Academics and Scientific Authority

I used to think that atheism is based on some form of rebelliousness: atheists don’t like the idea of a cosmic authority (the philosopher Thomas Nagel… 1,084 more words


Take Bible criticism with a pinch of salt

When you accuse God that the Bible is full of errors or that He is a cruel tyrant, there is a very important principle to remember.  356 more words


Bible bashing proves God is real

Followers of Jesus base their faith in God on the evidence of Scripture.  Skeptics and atheists use the Bible to convince themselves and others that God is a myth.  346 more words


The 'Court Case' - Unbelievers against God

In the ‘court case’ of skeptics, atheists and unbelievers against God, the two sides have diametrically opposed arguments.  Yet both sides argue from the Bible.  So it is very, very important how we understand and interpret Scripture. 297 more words


28th Senryu


A brief candle in the dark;

Dark again


God a Baby Killer???

We as followers of Jesus are reassured by the opposition party that our God is a baby killer.  There are many atheistic and skeptic blogs that sing the same song, ‘God is a killer (of innocent people).’ 1  Steve Wells discusses it in his book, ‘Drunk with Blood.’ 2  As they get their information about God from the Bible, we have no other option than to use the Bible to find out if it is true.  430 more words