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The Mockingjay

Those that are familiar with The Hunger Games series of books and films will know of the Mockingjay; a fictional bird created by the author Suzanne Collins. 388 more words


The God Delusion: Why I Am a Presuppositionalist

Escaping the Transcendental

Chapter 3 is where things in The God Delusion begin to get interesting. In this chapter Dawkins deals with what, in his view, are the strongest arguments for God’s existence, and attempts to refute them. 3,290 more words

The God Delusion: The God Necessity

Chapter 2 of Dawkins book is inflammatory and offensive, but in his defense he warned his readers at the tail end of the previous chapter. 2,899 more words


Read first the myth. Source could be verified by copying portions of the text and Google it. My response would follow afterwards.

GUARANTEE: no biblical errors! 3,688 more words

God Exists, Atheists!

Does modern 'science' erode your faith?

According to polls the Christian faith has lost ground in the Western World. 1, 2  Let us look at the BioLogos Foundation as one reason for the erosion of biblical faith.  531 more words