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Dawkins is Revealing His True Colours

Brace yourself: Dawkins said something stupid on Twitter again.

It’s becoming a cliché that silly little “ISIS bride” twits are “Straight A students.” Is something wrong with our scale of exam grades?

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Wantability, Well-Being and Risk

I’ve been mulling a name change for the blog for some time. The name the “The Rational Pessimist” was a riposte to Matt Ridley’s book “ 972 more words

Climate Change

What I learned about fairy tales from my child

Our little family of three went to watch Disney’s new rendition of Cinderella at the cinemas last weekend. I was as excited as Re was. How would she be? 929 more words


Accusing Richard Carrier of bias is a shallow fallacy

My recent post on the potential ‘bias’ of Richard Carrier has created a bit of a storm. I’ve been accused of ad hominem attacks of being ‘shallow’ and proposing a fallacy. 1,004 more words


Why All the Drama?

Click the headline to go to this week’s essay, courtesy of Salon. With many thanks to the patient and helpful Erin Beane.


Out in the Universe

So the other night my husband and I were outside talking to my mom about various things when the subject of aliens and whether they exist or not came up. 775 more words


Conrad Black: A reply to my atheist critics — they protest too much

Not since I have written about cats and dogs has a column of mine in this newspaper stirred such a voluminous and highly charged response as my reflections here last week on John Lennox’s success in debates, as a scientific Christian, with the most articulate and learned atheists on the anti-God debating circuit. 1,530 more words

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