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"The Good Ol' Boys Roundup": It’s Not Just The Cops—Racism Is A Problem For The Secret Service, Too

The track record of the U.S. Secret Service in protecting President Barack Obama has come under intense scrutiny in recent months due to several major security lapses, the most recent of which prompted the resignation in October of Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. 1,210 more words


The Moral Universe - Little-Known History

It was the bright color red that drew my attention to the picture on the cover of The New York Times a few weeks ago. 1,225 more words

Book Banning in Arizona

Richard Delgado is University Professor of Law at Seattle University, where he teaches and writes in the areas of race and civil rights. Jean Stefancic is Research Professor of Law at Seattle University, where she teaches and writes about race, Latinos, and civil rights. 592 more words

Academic Freedom

Off Tucson's list, onto mine

Those who ban books have done so again. This time in Arizona.

Reports indicate that the Tuscon United School District claims the books were “confiscated” not “banned.” 182 more words

Human Rights

In the news: Arizona, Bolaño and a story from Cuba


Starting this week, several books by Latino authors can no longer be used in classes in the Tucson, Arizona, school district so the district could keep millions of dollars in funding after the state banned ethnic studies. 203 more words


Interview with Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic

The Iowa law school journal, Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems, interviewed Richard and Jean — and the interview is published here.

Here is a provocative comment: 111 more words

Author: Matthew L.M. Fletcher