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If You Get An Image, Try To Destroy It

Richard Diebenkorn and Stanley Anderson – Royal Academy

I’ve tried, God knows I’ve tried, but the meaning of modern abstract art continues to elude me. Take the Richard Diebenkorn exhibition at the Sackler Wing of the Royal Academy – spoiler alert, the lift is out of commission and so you have to climb two flights of stairs, exercise that is designed to destroy any sympathy for an artist, unknown to me at least, before I got there. 522 more words


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“Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to do that very thing.” — … 372 more words


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Flowering Potatoes, Dairy Drove, Ten Mile Bank, Aug 2014
Acrylic on panel
116 x 123cms

Vanishing Lines is a current exhibition by the Norfolk-based artist (and friend) … 47 more words

Bits + Pieces.

Marlene Dumas: Image as Burden

There are art shows currently in London – Diebenkorn at the RA, for instance, or Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern – you can – should – enjoy for their sense of colour, of form, of texture, of light; for the sheer pleasure of looking, of seeing, finding familiar, finding new. 747 more words

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#8. David Sweet writes on 1966 and the New Pictorial Economy

Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park series seems to have been initiated as a response to two paintings by Henri Matisse; View of Notre Dame and French Window at Collioure. 2,808 more words

Henri Matisse

Good Friday in London (a fragment)

I sometimes have the feeling that I am on London, rather than in it, like a fly walking across porcelain. The hardness and whiteness repulse any attempt of the eye, the mind or the soul to make their home. 1,533 more words

Richard Diebenkorn at the Royal Academy

Richard Diebenkorn is one of those absolute masters of colour. The exhibition, a chronological cataloguing of his Albuquerque, Urbana, Berkeley and Ocean Park series’, captures his continual mastery of turning colour in to feeling. 489 more words