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Lately it seems like Jaws is EVERYWHERE. Because we just passed the 40th anniversary of its release, this movie is popping up at my local indie cinema, a public swimming pool, and of course cable TV.  453 more words

Classic Films

johnlink ranks POSEIDON (2006)

POSEIDON is one of those formulaic action films you are bound to see eventually. It is made for commercial interruptions and mindless consumption (though my snobbishness has prevented me from watching ANYTHING with commercial interruptions). 527 more words

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'Madoff' Miniseries: Blythe Danner & Richard Dreyfuss As Ruth & Bernie Madoff - First Look

Here’s the first photo of Blythe Danner and Richard Dreyfuss as Ruth and Bernie Madoff in ABC’s Madoff miniseries (see above).

Madoff follows the rise and spectacular fall of the former investment advisor and convicted felon, and the subsequent fallout on his family, associates and investors. 70 more words


It Was Forty Years Ago Today; This Scary Film Started with a "J"

There’s a 40th anniversary rerelease of “Jaws” (which I think is strange timing now that I heard there have been recent shark attacks in North Carolina). 310 more words


The Tuesday Zone: 'Stand by Me' and Films You Grow Up With

Stand by Me opens with an adult Gordie Lachance (Richard Dreyfuss) reading the newspaper. His childhood friend, an ex-ruffian-turned-attorney, was murdered. Stand by Me… 961 more words

The Tuesday Zone

Less Celebrated Lines from Jaws

We just finished our first of two screenings for Father’s Day.

The time while people filed in was filled with a few trivia cards. Come on, you gotta find something a little harder than this. 1,357 more words


Hey there and welcome back for another inaugural feature on this blog: Something Special Sundays. In this section of the site, I’ll be talking about my favorite movies because I just gotta let it out, man. 707 more words