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Daily Prompt: Fabric

“Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.” –Richard P. Feynman, American physicist


Quote of the Day

I cannot define the real problem, therefore I suspect there’s no real problem, but I’m not sure there’s no real problem.

—Richard Feynman


The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything

It is always good to ask ourselves, once in a while, “Have I learnt anything, lately?”

There are two types of knowledge and most of us focus on the wrong one.

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Quantum Algorithms Struggle Against Old Foe: Clever Computers

The quest for “quantum supremacy” – unambiguous proof that a quantum computer does something faster than an ordinary computer – has paradoxically led to a boom in quasi-quantum classical algorithms. 2,394 more words


The Feynman Technique of Learning

Richard Feynman, the late Nobel Laureate in physics, was once asked by a Caltech faculty member to explain why spin one-half particles obey Fermi Dirac statistics. 340 more words


Thinking about...

Wisdom and Knowledge

I find I’m on a kind of accidental journey in finding some interesting blogs to read. Not knowing any other way of doing this, I’ve been putting likely words or phrases in the Reader search box and seeing what turns up. 507 more words

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