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What is matter? FLASH EXTRA CREDIT

Richard Feynman gives us the best visual representation of what matter is when he said that “things are made of littler things that jiggle.” In other words, matter has many layers. 112 more words

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Building Curiosity - YouTube

I am just amazed by this youtube video from the PBS USA digital. Certainly I agree that curiosity is one of my most important values; much more than keeping safe. 81 more words


Richard Feynman…just because

He was a fabulous genius and I just felt like putting his picture here because I’m crazy about him:)  He played the bongo drums and new how to have fun.

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Having Fun In Church and Dying in the Faith of Christ: What I Learned from Richard Feynman

I was watching a documentary about the development of Quantum physics recently. One of the big developments in this field came from Richard Feynman. He was responsible for developing pictures called ‘Feynman Diagrams’ which showed what the results of sub-atomic particle collisions would be. 1,217 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

A Process on Working Together, by Feynman

It is an idea we often have in the workplace, the idea of working together. Cooperation! How beautiful a thing. Yet so often we fail to achieve that which we set out to do, quibbling and arguing without giving proper time to hear our fellow man’s words. 361 more words

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Character-driven Storytelling

What is it that makes comedy, drama, literature, engaging? Mostly it’s the characters. It’s the characters you invest in, that you connect with. It’s the characters that influence your decision on whether to sign up for the narrative journey. 447 more words



I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.


在 1905 年,愛因斯坦的奇蹟年,他寫下了一篇以後會得到諾貝爾獎的論文。這篇論文解釋的是光電效應,即是太陽能電池的原理。光電效應的解釋,說明了光除了可以被看成是一種波動外,同時也可以被看成是一種粒子,這就是所謂的光的波粒二象性 (wave-particle duality)。


相信大家都聽過所謂「薛丁格的貓」思想實驗。沒錯,又是這個薛丁格。除了這個不人道的思想實驗外 (放心,這只是個思想實驗,以我所知,後來沒有任何喵星人死於這實驗),他提出了一條著名的公式,能夠描述宇宙間所有粒子的運動,現在被稱為薛丁格方程 (Schrödinger equation):

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