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Lecture by Richard Feynman who worked on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos

A friend sent me this hilarious lecture by Physicist Richard Feynman who worked on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos. Anybody can watch this, you don’t need to be a science nerd. 33 more words


Salute _/\_

I extend a very warm welcome to the visitors! Greetings to you and I hope as much as I pray that you find some information present here to be of value to you. 160 more words


Science Hates Religion?

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Science is better at disproving things than it is at proving them. The Popperian sentiment, as discussed by Richard Feynman in this video… 1,037 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 6 - The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

One of the best explanations I’ve found of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is in Volume III of the Feynman Lectures on Physics. Read the following sections (which I’ve linked) to understand the general concept behind it: 92 more words


Luck and Privilege

“So I have just one wish for you – the good luck to be somewhere where you are free to maintain the kind of integrity I have described, and where you do not feel forced by a need to maintain your position in the organization, or financial support, or so on, to lose your integrity. 7 more words

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The problem is not to find the best or most efficient method to proceed to a discovery, but to find any method at all.

Richard Feynman

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One future - many possibilities

The grandeur of quantum mechanics is the attempt of a century’s worth of scientific intellect directed towards divining the workings of the universe. The scientists have been poring into their telescopes looking into our past, physicists have been toiling over whiteboard and notepads, working out the mathematics to imagine the mind boggling beauty of the universe. 878 more words