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Three day Quote Challenge (IV, Day 1)

Hello, wonderful bloggers. Thank you very much, Vintage Sapience for the opportunity to keep posting quotes :) You will find beautiful poems, amazing quotes, and tons of inspiration. 65 more words


13.5 Reasons Richard Feynman Was the Most Interesting Physicist Ever

Born May 11, 1918 in Queens, New York, and educated at MIT and Princeton, Richard Feynman was one of the most interesting and genius scientists known to popular culture. 469 more words

Ghostbusting the Quantum: The New Age Misuse of Science

The so-called “New Age” is an umbrella term having reference to a body of belief which asserts that a separate holistic reality, fundamentally pervaded by a single cosmic consciousness, lies beyond the material world revealed by science. 4,568 more words


Soyut cebiri icat eden kadın: Emmy Noether — Katie Mack

Katie Mack — 19 Ekim 2015 — cosmosmagazine.com

Matematikçi Emmy Noether fizikte yeni bir yaklaşımın temelini atan bir dahiydi.

Doğal seçilim biyolojide neyse, Noether Savı da kuramsal fizikte odur. 784 more words


Conversation with Jon Cotton, Producer, Composer, Director

I’m thrilled to share this Shaker Conversation, the first in a series of conversations on creativity. I met Jon, producer, composer and director at… 5,472 more words


Fourth Lesson. Particles

Atoms are the smallest things we can see. Each atom consists of a nucleus orbited by electrons. We’re looking more closely at the nucleus here. Each nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. 489 more words


When the physicist Richard Feynman asked a former student what he was up to, he received a dejected response: the former student was now working on what he felt were unimportant (‘humble’) questions. 310 more words