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indulging in the mystery of it all

Richard Feynman talks about the beauty of a flower. Neil deGrasse Tyson describes looking up into the night sky and feeling connected to the universe. While Munari’s books about the sun and the trees bring me joy, the words of Feynman and Tyson in the following short videos, about 3-5 minutes each, reinforce my desire to indulge in exploring the mysteries of this life and to be open to the possibilities. 34 more words



THIS ITEM began with my trying to learn about quantum entanglement. This physics term describes the way particles can interact from afar, something that Albert Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance.” However, to get a full flavor of quantum entanglement, I had first to untangle my misunderstanding of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. 735 more words


Coffee break tidbits #02

To roundup snippets of insight, here are some of the links I liked this week.  Emphasis is on quality, not quantity

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Alternative and independent civil society wifi initiatives in Italy to… 103 more words

Coffee Break Tidbits

A magical hour spent listening to Richard Feynman

I said that I’d follow up on Richard Feynman. Well, there’s no better hour to be spent than listening to Richard Feynman’s interview for BBC Horizon in 1981. 56 more words


The Challenger Shuttle Disaster, Thirty Years Later

W.J. Astore

When the Challenger blew up thirty years ago this January, I was a young Air Force lieutenant working an exercise in Cheyenne Mountain Command Center near Colorado Springs, Colorado.  524 more words

US Military

The Best Teacher I Never Had

Good teachers love what they teach and so it comes naturally to them. All good teachers that have taught me were passionate about their subject. One would tell numerous stories and anecdotes, while the other would bring colorful chalks to make force diagrams on the blackboard. 45 more words


Cracking "The Photoelectric Effect" Nut

I don’t get what is the big deal with quantum mechanics.

Richard Feynman was one of those lecturers in Physics every one wished they had and yet I cruised through life not knowing of him at all, until I was in my A-Levels. 381 more words