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The Los Alamos Primer -- Section III

“In a great number of cases, I have seen Dr. Oppenheimer act — I understand that Dr. Oppenheimer acted — in a way which was for me was exceedingly hard to understand.

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Los Alamos Primer

COLD CASE -- Who smeared Richard Feynman? [FBI FILES]

“The author repeatedly invokes Eisenhower’s name in awe and respect, and offers to swear either on a Bible or to the President himself. The author talks of Feynman’s “long hatred of Republicans,” but knows that Feynman registered as a Republican in 1956 — which the author believes to have been part of a long-game deception to infiltrate the government.

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Growing Pains

I’ve recently been reading up on Richard Feynman and watched a number of his lectures hosted by Microsoft. Bill Gates is a big fan and at some point, he came across a great lecture series of Richard Feynman’s(click… 761 more words


It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.  

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For three mornings in late September, I fought my way across town to attend the Technical College System of Georgia’s fall conference on adult education. Before entering the nonprofit sector, I had been unaware of TCSG’s role as the fiscal agent of Title II funds for the state’s vast network of adult literacy programs under the Obama-era Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. 1,523 more words

The Magic Of Wonder

While reading Loren Eiseley’s The Unexpected Universe, I came across this line, “But, as scientists, we have sometimes forgotten that inward journey . . . 1,815 more words

Embracing Uncertainty

In many ways, I am a creature of habit. I like knowing what is going to happen next and I don’t easily deal well with change. 1,359 more words