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You also knew that you wanted to marry Errol Flynn.

In S1E8, Emily is telling Rory about her wedding. Emily says, “I knew from the time I was twelve that I wanted lilies and orchids with a silver bow wrapped around them for my bouquet.” Richard snorts and says, “You also knew that you wanted to marry Errol Flynn.” Rory says, “Really? 48 more words

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Mencken's Chrestomathy.

Twice in S1E3, a book is mentioned that Rory and Richard had discussed at their golf outing. When Rory tells Lorelai the title of the book, Lorelai says, “Ohhhh, 123 more words

Season 1

For The Love of the Gilmores

I was just on tumblr a few seconds ago. I decided to go into the Rory and Logan tag which right away I found a Gilmore Girls confession tumblr. 449 more words

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Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 5.07

I adore this episode. Rory follows her journalistic instincts all the way to an eccentric, debaucherous (is that a word?) and hilarious event in the middle of nowhere, and the rich bro extraordinaire grows a little bit on all of us. 1,493 more words

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Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls 4.16

Sad news: Trix (the reigning Lorelai) dies. Emily is planning the funeral, only to discover some upsetting things in Gran’s belongings, so she kinda, uh, loses it, and so Lorelai takes over the arrangements. 390 more words

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