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Quote of the Day

(in the middle of an awkward dinner conversation)

Lorelai: I hate president Bush.

Straub: What?

Emily: Lorelai!

Christopher: Oh boy.

Lorelai: He’s stupid and his face is too tiny for his head and I just want to toss him out.

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Quote Of The Day

Travel tales: When you hate travel

Do not judge a blog post by its title, because I love travelling. I love seeing new places and eating new foods and pushing past my anxiety of new things to realize that life on the other side of uncertainty is pretty dang great. 737 more words

Travel Tales

Quote of the Day

Lorelai: What’s going on?

Richard: Oh, your mother and I have just secured a place on Martha’s Vineyard.

Rory: Really, that’s great!

Lorelai: I thought you lost your old place.

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Quote Of The Day

"I hate President Bush!"

In S1E15, Richard puts Rory on the spot in front of Strobe and Francine, Rory’s other grandparents. Rory doesn’t know what to say, so to rescue her, Lorelai yells, “I hate President Bush!” 68 more words

Season 1

Lucy, Schroeder, you laying on the coffee table...

In S1E15, Emily says to Christopher and Lorelai, “Do you remember when you two were, what, 10? And you put on that adorable show for us?” Lorelai asks, “What show, Mom?” Christopher answers, “Lucy, Schroeder, you laying on the coffee table…” Lorelai finishes, “You pretending it was a piano!” Richard asks Christopher if he wrote the song they performed- “Suppertime.” Lorelai says, “Dad! 88 more words

Season 1

So we're talking pre-"My Ding-a-ling?"

In S1E15, Lorelai and Christopher are talking about what songs Christopher can play on guitar (Smoke on the Water and Jumpin’ Jack Flash) when Richard leans back in his chair and says, “I’m a Chuck Berry man, myself.” Lorelai snorts in her martini and says, “I would never have guessed that that last sentence would ever come out of your mouth.” Richard defends himself by saying Chuck Berry was “all the rage” when Richard was in school. 98 more words

Season 1

There's a nice edition of Cervantes in it for you.

In S1E14, Rory asks Richard what trips he has coming up, and he says, “Uh, Madrid, the 12th!” Rory comments, “Wow!” Richard says, “I think there’s a nice edition of Cervantes in it for you.” 46 more words

Season 1