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World Wide Words Issue 886 - WIF Style

World Wide Words

Issue 886: Saturday 12 July 2014

1. Feedback, Notes and Comments

Lewis Carroll’s pronunciations  In the last issue I quoted Carroll on his preferred pronunciation of his coined words in Jabberwocky, including the instruction to “pronounce ‘rath’ to rhyme with ‘bath’.” Many readers pointed out that the instruction is unhelpful to a modern international audience that pronounces English a in several different ways. 1,472 more words


Richard Goodwin

Goodwin is an architect creative who has a multifaceted interest-base and practice. Richard has  worked between performance, sculpture, installation and architecture. However, I felt that this wide and varied interest base worked against him in his presentation as the lecture diverted to those who inspired him, such as the likes of Miroslav Tichy, Chris Marker and Aronoff Ryner. 179 more words

Run for your lives [2]

Running the City
Curator Felicity Fenner
CoFA, UNSW, 7 June-20 July

As an invitation to ‘run the city’ Marnix de Nijs ‘s Run Motherfucker Run (see… 898 more words


Denatured Contingency - Richard Goodwin

Denatured Contingency

The new engine of sustainability

Richard Goodwin – joined by Rob Beson

DENATURED – to deprive (something) of its particular nature

CONTINGENCY – A chance, accident, possibility. 393 more words