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Drawing the exhibition: Porosity Kabari

Porosity Kabari (Nishi Gallery, New Acton, Canberra) is a collaboration between Trent Jansen, Richard Goodwin and Ishan Khosla. The trio “investigates the cycle of use, re-use (and further re-use) – and how we can, simply, use one thing to make another thing.” Using only materials and skills sourced from the ‘Chor Bazaar’ (Thieves Market) and the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, the outcome is a series of objects that fascinated me with their detail and juxtapositions, and showed an enjoyable lack of concern for ‘perfect’ functionality. 273 more words

Erica Rhodes: In Funny We Trust

Audio by Valerie, Words by Richard

I always knew I was cooler than the other kids. I didn’t wear the “hip” clothes, made sure to not watch the popular movies of the time, and, most importantly, I was addicted to Prairie Home Companion: a radio program so cool that literally no one else I hung with knew about it. 386 more words