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PAINT THE TOWN READ: Ferren and the Angel at Beaumont Street, Auburn, New South Wales

Closest of all the ruins was Beaumont Street, two hundred metres away. It was barely a quarter the size of the Home Ground. Rusty metal girders rose up out of a jumble of broken concrete slabs and jagged sections of brick wall.  319 more words


LOVE THIS QUOTE: Ferren and the Angel by Richard Harland

‘O Unique New Formula!’

‘O Instant Knockdown!’

‘O shed thy Most Perfect Active Constituents over us!’

The phrases had been handed down from generation to generation. 22 more words


BOOK REVIEW: Ferren and the Angel (Heaven and Earth #1) by Richard Harland

This review does not contain spoilers.

In the year 2010, after the Invasion of Heaven, human psychonauts trample the sacred fields of Heaven, and the angels retreat to higher altitudes to avoid the contamination of the physical. 470 more words


CURRENTLY READING: Ferren and the Angel by Richard Harland

‘Well, I’ll tell you the history of the last four hundred years. I’ll need to draw a map.’

‘What’s a map?’

‘Like looking down on the world from very high above.’


Richard Harland: Australian Steampunk Author

Richard Harland wrote the first Australian Steampunk novel I recognised as being part of the Steampunk genre: The Black Crusade. We met at a Freecon in Sydney, where I was enchanted by both Richard and his book. 123 more words


Conflux 10

As usual, Conflux was a whirlwind of delights. I caught up with writer friends from all over the country, and even other bits of the world. 361 more words


Coming up: reading & panel discussion at Conflux 10

Conflux is on this weekend!! This is the annual Canberra spec fic convention, and lucky for me it has a very strong focus on writing. 125 more words

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