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The Great Burning - and the gradual flame out

Afterburn – Society Beyond Fossil Fuels är namnet på Richard Heinbergs senaste bok. Han arbetar vid Post Carbon Institute och är en av de mest framstående personerna för informationsspridningen om Peak Oil. 62 more words

Peak Oil

Quote for the day - February 22

“At present, we human beings – while considering ourselves the most intelligent species on the planet – are engaged in the most unintelligent enterprise imaginable: the destruction of our own natural life-support system”. 12 more words



~ F&A ~ Foreseeable And Inevitable

~ TUVTPEGINAAPTA ~ The Unrealistic View That Perpetual Economic Growth Is Necessary And Also Possible To Achieve

~ TGEIPAZSG-WAESPTBDATW ~ The Global Economy Is Playing A Zero-Sum Game – With An Ever-Shrinking Pot To Be Divided Among The Winners… 240 more words


Snake Oil by Richard Heinberg

(8/10) Most of the economic news that you hear around United States shale oil and gas development is positive. US shale drilling creates US jobs, lowers energy costs, reduces US dependence on foreign oil producers such as OPEC, and most importantly can provide enough energy for generations… This book takes a look at the truth behind these statements and also shines a negative light on the shale oil/gas revolution in the US. 227 more words


Why we need to shrink, not "grow" the economy

Richard Heinberg, one of my favorite and most trusted sources for information about energy and economics, has a short new article out online that I recommend you check out… 111 more words


Brilliant YouTube cartoon video on the history of fossil fuels

300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

First released in late 2010, this video, which features Richard Heinberg describing the rise and fall of fossil fuel economies, went on to win the 2011 Youtube/DoGooder Nonprofit Video of the Year award and has since been viewed over 1,500,000 times online, at film festivals, and in classrooms. 34 more words

Current Events

“Live more with less” keynote speaker asks us to transition the way we live

Laura Schmidt with SLCgreen attended a “Live more with less” seminar earlier this month. 

On Friday, October 3, a group convened at Utah Valley University to discuss how we in Utah can live more with less. 419 more words

Salt Lake City