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Medieval Quotes Advent Calendar 24th of December

So this is the last one. It’s been fun. I hope these quotes have been enjoyed. I’ve had fun ransacking my books and lots of other sources. 558 more words


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Was Robin Hood Real?

Last year, when I reviewed Disney’s Robin Hood, I avoided discussing the question of whether Robin Hood was a historical figure. I figure it’s time that I tackle another Robin Hood movie, so I chose the infamous… 3,096 more words


Medieval Quotes Advent Calendar 7th of December

A description of the ships on which Richard I was sailing to the Holy Land for the 3rd crusade.

“The ships which the king found already prepared on the shore were one hundred in number, and fourteen busses, vessels of great magnitude and admirable swiftness, strong vessels and very sound, whereof this was the equipage and appointment. 173 more words


Crusades by Terry Jones and Alan Ereira (1994)

crusading had become a system for teaching ideological war and intolerance. (p.181)

Terry Jones is of course one of the famous Monty Python team, he has scripted and appeared in TV comedy, directed their feature films as well as written numerous children’s books and poetry. 940 more words


Advent Calendar of Medieval Quotes 3rd of December

3rd of December

From Roger of Wendover. A description of happenings immediately after the death of Henry II.

I would like to point out that I am not including these quotes as examples of definitive facts. 130 more words


Terry Jones' Medieval Lives - The Minstrel

I am obsessed with what we were taught vs what we learn to be true.

This BBC program “Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives” combines a Monty Python animation style with myth busting about history. 73 more words


September 8 in history

70  Roman forces under Titus sacked Jerusalem.

1151 King Richard I of England, was born (d. 1199).

1264  The Statute of Kalisz, guaranteeing Jews safety and personal liberties and giving… 734 more words