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Richard the Lionheart, Houses of Parliament

Richard Coeur de Lion is a Grade II listed equestrian statue of the 12th-century English monarch Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart, who reigned from 1189–99. 25 more words


Men of the Cross

“War, political intrigue and passion … heroes … friends and lovers … and the seeds for a new Robin Hood legend await you.”

A short while ago I was lucky enough to read and review a fabulous book on the 3rd Crusade. 53 more words

Richard I

Nichola de la Haye, England's Forgotten Heroine

Nichola de la Haye is one of those very rare women in English history. She is renowned for her abilities, rather than her family and connections. 1,465 more words

The Planatgenets

She Wolves – Episode 1 – Empress Matilda and Eleanor of Aquitaine 07.03.2012

England’s queens not always liked – problem with women and power
Matilda chased from the capital by an angry mob
First woman to claim the English crown in her own right… 2,088 more words


"Bad" Prince John? Representations of the Prince in the Robin Hood Legend, c.1600-c.1800

Prince John is now one of the stock villains of movie and television adaptations of the Robin Hood legend. He was played most recently, and excellently, by Rufus Sewell in… 1,071 more words


How successful was Richard I in achieving his aims by 1193?

Clearly, the Third Crusade was a complete failure for Richard I. Richard I had military, spiritual, and political aims to achieve on crusade. As he failed to achieve each of his original goals, we cannot regard the Third Crusade as a success in any sense for him. 1,457 more words


The Familiar and the Fresh | History Today | Richard the Lionhearted

Originally posted on History Today

Richard I of England, called the Lionheart, seized the island of Cyprus in the summer of 1191. Almost 700 years later, in 1878, Cyprus came under English, or British, rule once more. 192 more words