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Sudeley Castle

When I was at school, I didn’t like history much, except for the gory “details”, though I guess I would have been less inclined to call them details had I been the burnt alive which or the disembowelled traitor. 334 more words


Richard III, E-questrian

Will Shakes on device.
Wonder if Dick might cry–“My
Kindle for a horse!”



Richard's Mighty Army

Restless, furious, vengeful
He sees with eyes long dead
Malicious lies recorded
His truth and honour fled

The loser at the battle
Despite his dauntless skill… 211 more words

Richard Duke of Gloucester is born at Fortheringhay

On the second of October 1452, Cecily Neville gave birth to her youngest son at Fortheringhay Castle. Years after his death, Tudor chroniclers wrote fantastical tales about his birth. 1,082 more words


Reflection: Richard III, West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Despite having been at university in York for 2 years now, I’m ashamed to say it wasn’t until Wednesday that I finally set foot in the West Yorkshire Playhouse, or indeed in Leeds itself. 1,553 more words


Richard and Anne's initials

These conjoined initials were devised by Frances Quinn, in Gouache on vellum:

A certain someone's birthday

Now I couldn’t let this day go by without being marked, could I?

Happy Birthday to King Richard III of England – he would have been the grand old age of 563 today! 533 more words

Richard III