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Death of Elizabeth MacKintosh

Death of novelist and playwright Elizabeth MacKintosh

Many Ricardians and lovers of detective novels will remember today the death of Elizabeth MacKintosh on 13 February 1952 in London. 574 more words

Dottie Tales

Usurpation, Murder and More | Matt's History Blog

I read a series of blog posts recently that sought to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Richard III ordered the deaths of his nephews. Whilst I don’t take issue with holding and arguing this viewpoint I found some of the uses of source material dubious, a few of the accusations questionable and some of the conclusions a stretch. 161 more words

United Kingdom

Another famous Shakespearean Richard from the past....

David Garrick was an 18th century actor whose name is still synonymous with the Shakespearean roles he performed. Raised in Lichfield, he had intended to be a lawyer but was instead drawn into the theatre… 213 more words

Limerick 4

10 February 2016

I didn’t post #3. Maybe later.

In the meantime, here’s a quickie. King Richard tweeted this:

And, well, you know.

Limerick Cycle

A country-house murder mystery with a Ricardian theme....

For those Ricardians who like country-house murder mysteries, here’s one with a Ricardian theme. Mixed reviews, but I don’t think it’s anti-Richard. It was originally written in 1974, so apparently shows its age a little. 29 more words

Hometown Glory

I’ve said before that Leicester is like the porridge Goldilocks settled on.

Leeds was perhaps a bit too hot, a bit too mad, it was perfect for me as a student but could I really handle that as a fully-functioning adult? 871 more words

Book Review - Edward IV & Elizabeth Woodville; A True Romance by Amy Licence

Author Amy Licence notes in her introduction that Edward IV has been somewhat overlooked in the annals of British history, noting that he was ‘a king who has been damned with faint praise’. 835 more words

Richard Iii