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On a(nother) Royal Baby ...

So let me get this straight – a Royal Baby (not that I’m massively interested) – born on Shakespeare Day?

If they’re not going to call it William, and I guess they won’t for obvious reasons – there’s only one alternative, surely … 88 more words

William Shakespeare

On reading Shakespeare

It was never my intention to start a Shakespeare reading project. I read Twelfth night after seeing it as a play, I wanted to get a deeper understanding of what I had seen. 543 more words


A swap meet about DNA....

This swap meet might be very interesting indeed, so I hope those who live near enough will be able to go.

Richard III

History of Technology and Discovery

Course Objectives:

Computer science is the heir of a great human tradition of innovation and curiosity. This course is a historical survey of technology, invention, and science, and how these have affected society. 535 more words


Shakespeare borrowed the work of others....

“A 16th-century manuscript hidden in the depths of the British Library and decoded using plagiarism software has been pinpointed as a previously unknown source for Shakespeare’s plays. 218 more words

Richard III

Sir Thomas More and His Controversial History

When we think of Richard III and the Wars of the Roses, most of us will first think of Sir Thomas More and his “The History of King Richard III”. 2,044 more words