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Sabbath Day - Irish Postmodernism

This late post looks back to my Sabbath Day last Thursday, the 12th of January, 2017.

Though I got up early to read an dialogue between Richard Kearney and Catherine Keller, most of my day was a gift to my son (described below). 303 more words

Sabbath Plans

From "Melancholy: Between Gods and Monsters."

“…In short, sexual desire for female beauty was intimately linked, in our mythological unconscious, with an initial ac of sundering and separation. Without castration there could be no sense of that lack, difference or otherness which is so indispensable to the workings of eros. 527 more words


On the sacrifice of the scapegoat:

“But the scapegoat was not always reviled. As noted above, the sacrificial victim sometimes came to be revered after the event – even to the point of becoming over time a founding hero for the community. 283 more words


Currently Reading: July 2016

Just started reading the above.

Am over 35% through this book. Have put it down just because my attention span is not what it used to be. 72 more words

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On (maybe) asking how to dance

There’s something tragic about David Tracy.

I’m currently in the middle of reading his Plurality and Ambiguity (1987), after which I will work through The Analogical Imagination… 1,231 more words

On being part of the problem

I recently found out, through Evanston Now, that I am a blight on my neighborhood. I do love the moniker which has been handed to me, authorizing me to identify as a “transient academic.” And it’s terribly exciting, because I  1,733 more words