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Kenneth Copeland..How Big Is God?6'2"to 6'3" and weighs 200 Pounds.

Kenneth Copeland writes,Once upon a time.long long ago,on a faraway Planet.(Kenneth Copeland:”Heaven has a north and a south and a east and a west.Consequently,it must be a planet.”) (Spirit,Soul and body.)(Forth Worth Texas:Kenneth Copeland Ministries,1985,audiotape#01-0601,side 1. 324 more words

Richard-Lindsey Roberts

Was Jesus "born again"in Hell?Copeland and Hinn say Yes.

When Jesus was hanging on a cross,according to¬† The Word Faith theology,He was recreated from a divine to a demonic being.At this point the trinity was destroyed and the deity of Christ utterly demolished.According to the Faith teachers,the Lord Jesus’passion on the cross proved… 670 more words

Richard-Lindsey Roberts

Quotes from Modern Day False Prophets:Cerullo:Copeland:Hinn:Price:Hagin

These false prophets are being watched by Baptist shut in’s every week.In my opinion they are teaching ‘another Jesus,another Spirit and another gospel.’

“Satan conquered Jesus Christ on the cross.” Kenneth Copeland. 348 more words

Richard-Lindsey Roberts