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The seamy edges

We live in the woods and the places we need to travel to are a distance. To us, it seems reasonable that the closest gas station is 7 minutes away and the closest grocery store 15 minutes. 635 more words

Why I named my Daughter Summer

I grew up in a small Barangay called Dibuluan, in town of Jones in the province of Isabela. It’s 10 hours drive away from Manila, northern part of the Philippines. 1,865 more words

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Embracing Nature in our Parenting 

It all started when I watched a YouTube TED talk about Forest Preschool; my daughter was only turning 2 years old then. Now she’s 26 months old to be exact and I’m so excited to share my journey about things I’m learning recently. 2,427 more words

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Book review: "The Nature Principal"

The book review of The Nature Principle by Richard Louv is now on my dedicated book review site, TheBookOwl. Please click the link to go directly to the review.


"Last Child in the Woods": Living in a Toxic Environment

We are in the suburbs of a large city and in an expensive townhouse and apartment community. There is a brand new playground in the middle of the community and the pool just re-opened. 534 more words

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C'è un asilo nel bosco

Pubblicato alla fine del 2016 sul settimanale Starbene

In questo piccolo pezzo di mondo non è vietato salire sugli alberi. Urlare di gioia. Andare nelle pozzanghere. 546 more words