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The Hawksmoor International Lecture Series 2016-2017 :: Richard Martin :: We are the Institution: On Contemporary Museums

  • Thursday 20th October 2016, 6.30pm
  • Tessa Blackstone Lecture Theatre  
  • Free and open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis

What do we want from museums today? 174 more words



Have you ever played the game where you are presented with a tray containing a number of items, which you are then given a small amount of time to memorise. 354 more words


Humanity Dick & The Donkey

If I had a donkey wot wouldn’t go,
D’ ye think I’d wollop him? No, no, no!
But gentle means I’d try, d’ ye see, 627 more words


Lonely #1

I came across this picture last week about loneliness, and I wanted to share it with you.

I must be honest and say I can completely relate to this.  130 more words


The Planet of Decision

The Mechanoid takes the time-travellers up to the city.  The lift they travel in is incredibly quiet, which is either an intentional touch (to suggest how advanced the Mechanoids are) or it’s because Richard Martin forgot to add any sound effects.   712 more words


The Death of Doctor Who

One of the frustrating things about The Chase is that the script has some very good ideas, which are somewhat frittered away.  The robot duplicate of Doctor Who is a good case in point – this could have easily been developed over a number of episodes, possibly with the audience unaware that a substitution had been made (which would have made the reveal all the more dramatic). 482 more words