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The Planet of Decision

The Mechanoid takes the time-travellers up to the city.  The lift they travel in is incredibly quiet, which is either an intentional touch (to suggest how advanced the Mechanoids are) or it’s because Richard Martin forgot to add any sound effects.   712 more words

William Hartnell

The Death of Doctor Who

One of the frustrating things about The Chase is that the script has some very good ideas, which are somewhat frittered away.  The robot duplicate of Doctor Who is a good case in point – this could have easily been developed over a number of episodes, possibly with the audience unaware that a substitution had been made (which would have made the reveal all the more dramatic). 470 more words

William Hartnell

Journey into Terror

Journey Into Terror (yet another generic Terry Nation episode title) is pretty poor stuff.  Technically it’s sloppy – watch out for the camera at the top of the stairs about five and a half minutes in and there’s another problem a few seconds later when a Dalek is revealed.   465 more words

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Flight Through Eternity

The opening scene in the Daleks’ time machine is pretty impressive.  The set (designed by Raymond Cusick) looks substantial and has some groovy 1960’s embellishments – such as the spinning wall designs.   591 more words

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The Death of Time

It’s pulp sci-fi thrills all the way for the duration of The Death of Time.  The appearance of the Aridians (they live on an arid planet, do you see?) isn’t a highpoint of the story.   406 more words

William Hartnell

The Executioners

For those who regard Terry Nation as nothing more than a hack writer, The Chase must be exhibit a.  It’s six episodes of random nonsense, held together by the thinnest of plots (the Doctor is now the Daleks’ deadliest enemy and they’ve decided to hunt him down through all time and space.   828 more words

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The Group of Twenty-Two

Margaret Mead’s rallying call of “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” 313 more words