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Spooktober, Day 23: I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson

“The world’s gone mad, he thought. The dead walk about and I think nothing of it.
The return of corpses has become trivial in import. How quickly one accepts the incredible if only one sees it.” 431 more words


The Twilight Zone 1.23 - A World of Difference

An odd little coincidence here: Marie drew a connection between this episode and one that we watched in August, “The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine.” Both concern actors that escape into the unreality of a film, although the two stories are very different. 214 more words

The Twilight Zone

HALLOWEEN'ING Day 18: Hell House (Richard Matheson)

In 1971, the author that brought us such 20th Century horror classics as I Am Legend, The Shrinking Man and A Stir of Echoes, published a haunted house novel titled Hell House. 227 more words


Hell House

Hell House
Richard Matheson | Bantam Books | 1971 | 247 pages

Richard Matheson’s classic novel sends a group of intrepid psychic investigators, each with their own individual agendas and psychological baggage, to conquer the “The Mount Everest of haunted houses.” 454 more words

Pulp Fiction

3 Things Writers should Learn from 'I Am Legend' (the book)

I am Legend, by Richard Matheson (1954) has a simple premise. The protagonist, Robert Neville, is the last man on Earth. Everyone else has been turned into vampires. 656 more words

How To

Stir of Echoes

Year: 1999
Directed By: David Koepp
Written By: David Koepp (screenplay) Richard Matheson (novel)


Back in the fall of 1999 everyone was still “seeing dead people” while I was hearing echoes.  881 more words


The Last Man on Earth

To be be the last man or woman has to be a scary thought. It’s an idea that Hollywood has squeezed bone dry over the years. 212 more words