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Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson

Somewhere in Time has been in my ‘TOWER’ of books for a while (must do an update on this!) and I’ve been waiting to read it for inspiration.   235 more words

Monsters Are Such Interesting People: A Couple from Christopher Lee (1922-2015)


Rasputin: the Mad Monk (1966) Hammer’s fictional account of Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) and his influence over the Russian monarchy. Christopher Lee plays the title character, a holy man with the ability to heal with his hands and hypnotize with his eyes, but he only uses these great gifts to drink for free and force women to have sex with him. 287 more words

I am Legend: Rebuke and Reaffirmation of Prejudices

10 June 2014

The changes in cultural thought and the advances in technology that have taken place in the 40 years between the writing of Richard Matheson’s I am Legend and its latest adaptation in 1994 have forced many changes between the text of the book and the movie. 1,448 more words

Literary Criticism

[Bea's Ranting Book Reviews] Hell House by Richard Matheson [by Bea Harper]

Author: Richard Matheson

Published: 1971

Oh for the love of all cupcakes and puppies, read this book. Brutal, predatory, disturbing and highly imaginative, Master Matheson is in top form in one of his finest works. 84 more words

What dreams....

“When you sleep,
your dream world is as real to you as life,
isn’t it?”

Richard Matheson ‘What Dreams May Come’

Hell House by Richard Matheson

A well written horror is probably my favorite thing to read and also the toughest thing to find, so when I find one I like, but the author selfishly didn’t feel like writing six sequels for it, I start scouring the net for readalikes, even though I often find them to be a massive let down. 282 more words



What we have right here is a prime sampling of Charlton Heston’s 1970s renaissance.The man. In all his ageing, fading glory. The Omega Man is his best flick,  even surpassing “Planet of the Apes”. 700 more words