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The Book Was Better

Well, duh.


I watch a lot of movies. I also read a lot of books. I’ve watched a lot of movies inspired by books—and that’s my favourite way of phrasing it, because even a faithful film adaptation will differ from the source material. 1,317 more words


Hell House (Richard Matheson)

Matheson really was a master of his craft. He took the conventional Gothic structure and threw it out of the window. Assaulting the reader with carnal, palpable terror, from its first page to the very end. 579 more words


Omega Man

The Omega Man has good taste in whiskey but I don’t know about that jacket.

J&B on the sideboard just before the mutants trash the place.


Dayboy by Trent Jamieson

I loved this book, which is surprising because it is a book about vampires and I just freaking hate vampires. Vampires, werewolves and aliens are the three most frustratingly lazily written stale garbage nonsense creatures to plague books and movies. 986 more words


What Does Your Story Say?

When I initially began writing, I was purposed to write stories with meaning. Not just fluffy fun tales of over-powered heroes saving damsels in distress, beating the familiar evil villain, and then riding off into the sunset with said damsel. 728 more words


Free Comic Book Day 2017: Hits & misses

As someone who just recently rediscovered his love for comics, I made it a point to have my first Free Comic Book Day experience this year. 486 more words


Book Review: HELL HOUSE

Richard Matheson

For over twenty years, Belasco House has stood empty. Regarded as the Mount Everest of haunted houses, it is a venerable mansion whose shadowed walls have witnessed scenes of almost unimaginable horror and depravity. 762 more words