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Third From The Sun by Richard Matheson: Short Story Review

I have just started reading Duel and have found myself pleasantly surprised by how sci-fi focused it is. I have previously read Nightmare at 20,000 Feet and I am Legend and find myself growing ever fonder of Matheson’s work and particularly like his sci-fi writing. 516 more words


Serling's Re-Zoning Efforts: "And When The Sky Was Opened"

Improve on Richard Matheson? Yeah — right, pal. Who do you think you are, Rod Serling?

You are? Well. Carry on, then.

Kidding aside, that’s what Serling did when he bought the rights to Matheson’s short story “Disappearing Act” and adapted it into… 685 more words

Twilight Zone

The Most Disturbing Dolls In Literature

Click here to read at Huffington Post.

(At least one half of Dark Matters finds virtually all dolls abominable — yet is masochistically intrigued.)


REVIEW: Modern Mythmakers: 35 Interviews with Horror & Science Fiction Writers and Filmmakers By Michael McCarty

We all grew up eagerly absorbing the works of Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, John Carpenter and the likes, allowing their words and actions to shape our lives, and our character. 453 more words


The Last Man on Earth (1964) Review

“Another day to live through. Better get started.”

Get up, go to work, sleep, repeat. As Kendrick Lamar put it in Dreams, “They say we’re only living to die. 379 more words


On Writing: Reading & Richard Matheson Interview

Reading is to writing as boosters are to the rocket driving toward space.

Richard Matheson - a quote on people

As read in What Dreams May Come:

“People are not punished for their deeds but by them.”