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The Real Life of Pi

The Real Life of Pi – A true story!



My name is Richard Parker.  I’m a U.S. Navy SEAL.  What I’m about to impart to you now is the true story of the life of Pi (forget about all that disinformation in the award-winning Oscar film: “Life of Pi” – because that story just isn’t true at all).   1,881 more words


15 Things That Moved Me In '15 (Part 5)

I have stared at the laptop screen the whole day for work. My eyes are in desperate need for rest but I promised myself that I would at least write, after the volume of work of today. 1,382 more words

Faces & Places

More Than I Can Love

Our coats of virtue will shed
like snakeskin by nightfall and then, who are you?
Who are you when nothing else matters
and no one is around? 260 more words

Richard Parker


I’d consider the last significant birthday I had being my registering for suffrage when I turned 21. I remember getting stalled by the officer who was supposed to register me because I refused to tick a box for my race and religion. 482 more words

Richard Parker

Leg Avant: The New Poetry of Cricket

A treasure trove of new radical poetry about cricket and a series of specially commissioned illustrations. Perfect for cricket fans, all avantists and those who’ve longed to know the results of such unlikely comminglings. 66 more words

Tom Jenks

More Candles! (Not My Birthday)

I always say that time will continue to tick whether or not you are enjoying life and doing things that will lead you to your brand of happily ever after. 520 more words

Richard Parker

Spoiler Alert! Richard Parker; Real or Not Real?: A Reader's Response to Life of Pi

In the book Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, a young Indian boy, named Piscine Motlier Patel (also known as Pi), is traveling with his family to Canada on a large Japanese cargo ship, crossing the Pacific ocean with a multitude of zoo animals (his father owned a zoo in India). 573 more words