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Richard Perle Trojan Horse

In order to advance their agenda of world domination, the neocon elites had to trick America, just as the Greek freebooters of Homer’s epic had to trick Troy in order to gain access. 47 more words

Introducing 9-11 Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Kill the Messenger (Sibel Edmonds)

Directed by Jean Robert Viallet, Mathieu Verboud (2006)

Film Review

Kill the Messenger is a French documentary about FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and the organized criminal behavior she discovered inside the Bush State Department and Pentagon. 385 more words

Hidden History

Jonathan Kay and the Israel First Movement

The Kevin Barrett – Noam Chomsky Dispute in Historical Perspective – Eleventh part of the series titled “9/11 and the Zionist Question” – Read the tenth part here… 1,562 more words

United States

Inside Job? Inside What?

By Prof. Tony Hall | American Herald Tribune | July 28, 2016

The Kevin Barrett-Chomsky Dispute in Historical Perspective – Sixth part of the series titled “9/11 and the Zionist Question” – …

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