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Time is the Simplest Thing

Time is the Simplest Thing is the fifth book by Clifford D. Simak that I have read. It was published in 1961, I read the Crest 1962 edition with Richard Powers’ artwork on the cover.  1,482 more words


Konditormeister by August Sander

I have been inconstant about my favourite August Sander photograph. For a long time I had postcards of the three most perfectly Weimar of them pinned just to the right of my desk. 480 more words


Review: Orfeo by Richard Powers

Lovers of beautiful music rejoice! This is the book you’ve wanted but could never find. Richard Powers’ Orfeo is a love letter to classical music. It’s the only way I can describe this beautifully written, engaging book. 861 more words

And Now For Something Completely Similar

I have a fascination with machines. My last writing project Autoeclectic was mostly about me seeing whether I could truly carve out a career writing about some of these working, almost living things. 128 more words


The Gold Bug Variations

Richard Powers’ Orfeo became my book of the year in 2016, a title that did not exist, that I was not seeking entrants for, but had to award after coming across nothing like its kind in a full 12 months.   831 more words

The whole is other than the sum of the parts

On a pleasantly brisk Spring evening, the Beamers came together to examine the coming together of a science fiction classic, More Than Human, by Theodore Sturgeon.  1,220 more words

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