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Fostering Dependency: The Candyman's Conundrum

I’ve been taken to task before for asserting that extended unemployment benefits aggravated the increase in the jobless rate during the so-called “Great Recession.” New research finds that those extensions actually were a primary contributor to the increase.  321 more words

Life's Bleak When Your Goal Is Compliance

Don’t underestimate the danger and cost of giving it up to the regulatory state. It’s ability to impel behavior in the absence of any legislative mandate, and apparently without accountability to the judicial branch or any other authority, is explored by Michael Greve in “ 342 more words

Not Undead, But Ruling From The Grave

Richard Rahn explains How Congress Lost Control of Government Spending. Programs enacted decades ago have grown dramatically and keep growing, often beyond their original purpose, claiming ever-larger shares of tax revenue, leaving little flexibility to undertake discretionary spending of any kind. 173 more words

LEAP Zones panel, Freedom Fest

Mark Klugmann, George Gilder, Richard Rahn, Grover Norquist.

FATCA hits the opinion page of the Washington Times

While author Richard Rahn is making this a partisan issue by placing the blame squarely on Democrat shoulders and calling it an effort in “wealth redistribution,” he does write a refreshingly raw piece that does a good job of expressing the anger and frustration that many of us feel. 170 more words


Founding Fathers Understood Democracy’s Spending Curse

Richard Rahn discusses how the founding fathers, unlike the present inhabitants in Washington, understood how spending by a federal government could spend uncontrollably, which explains why they created the type of government they did.

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