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Commissioner Ross Tries To Sway U.S. Attorney General: 'We Need This Money'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross took his concerns about federal budget cuts threatened for Sanctuary Cities directly to the U.S. Attorney General, last week. 188 more words


Philly Police Commissioner Names His New Leadership Team

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are some new top cops at the Philadelphia Police Department.

After nearly 200 officers were sworn in high-rank positions Monday, the commissioner has chosen his commanders to help lead the force, and held a swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday. 182 more words


Philly Police Commissioner Gets Parking Ticket In Center City

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–No one is above the law, not even Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Ross was ticketed Wednesday after parking his car in a rush-hourlane at the Bellevue Hotel in Center City. 31 more words


Philadelphia Authorities: Don't Ring In 2017 By Firing Guns Into Air

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia authorities are warning anyone who fires a weapon at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s will be arrested and charged. 159 more words


Richard Ross Workshop

Richard Ross was a pleasure to have in class. He’s an amazing artistic presence and was just a wonderful and emotionally honest person.

For the photography portion, I was able to get some technical questions answered about how to work my camera. 268 more words

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Perceptions and Questions for Richard Ross

Photography is powerful. A camera can manipulate an image to show you what the photographer sees, rather than just how the world views it. With Richard Ross’s work, he takes that manipulation of reality but instead manipulate’s our perceptions rather than just the visual itself. 186 more words

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Juvenile in Justice

I found myself being more impacted by Richard Ross’s work than our readings. Reading statistics and figures is banal as they lack depth. Yes, they can be scary, but reading ACE and percentages over and over tells me little to nothing. 281 more words

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