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Interview with Richard Ross: Juvenile in Justice

Originally appeared on the Open Eye Gallery’s blog, 04/09/2015

There’s a quote by Booker T. Washington that trails Richard Ross’s work closely. It’s the epigraph to his… 1,063 more words


Summer Task- Exhibition Reviews

‘Juvenile in Justice’ by Rick Ross at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery

The Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool presents a series of three annual exhibitions. The first of which is called ‘Open 1’ and revolves around the theme of social portraiture. 1,634 more words

Summer Task

Buz Downing, Long-Time Public Servant, Retires With Honors

Born in a Class 5 Hurricane (we couldn’t confirm) 85 year old Herman “Buz” Downing – indeed our Jumpin’ Jack Flash – entered his retirement on Monday with gusto and praise after nearly sixty years of public service for the town of Millis. 340 more words


It's just the process...I'm not a nerd.

I have written my story in a third person present tense. I have posted some things on writers forums that I needed critique on.

These writer dudes are heartless and will rip your shit apart. 208 more words

Spiritual Healing for Men Traumatized by Childhood Maltreatment

This featured article titled  “Spiritual Healing in the Aftermath of Childhood Maltreatment: Translating Men’s Lived Experiences Utilizing Nursing Conceptual Models and Theory” is an exemplar that provides specific primary, secondary and tertiary nursing interventions framed within nursing theories and models, addressing the benefits of engaging spiritual faith traditions in the healing process. 307 more words

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Open Eye Gallery’s newest offering, themed around ideas of social portraiture, whisks you around the world through the lenses of six photographers. From a dirt-brown dessert on Indonesian Java to an office in Dubai, with a stop off in an American Juvenile Detention Centre, … 415 more words


OPEN 1 │ Open Eye, Liverpool → 23 August 2015


Sonal Kantaria, Deborah Kelly, Billy Macrae, Helen Marshall, Louis Quail, Richard Ross

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