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Hail To The Chief (Of Promotion And Sales)

In his introduction to The Culture of the New Capitalism (2006) Richard Sennett reasons out what he imagines will be the subject of his book. “Only a certain kind of human being can prosper in unstable, fragmentary social conditions. 444 more words

Critical Analysis


“Today, most politically correct people celebrate the fact of racial, ethnic, or religious differences, but we do not believe in them as our humanist ancestors did. 259 more words


Mastersvo // Mastery of a Craft

To develop my scenario, I have been mapping the various different “crafts” which take place on site. Craft is typically defined as an activity involving skill in making things by hand, however I have interpreted it slightly differently and have included other skills which have also been developed to a high degree through hours of practise and repetition. 22 more words

Singapore Design Week 2016 - National Design Centre: Design and Make Fair

Singapore Design Week 2016 at the National Design Centre. This was the site of one of NAFA’s former campuses – I have fond memories of the place in its previous incarnation and the promising smell of watercolour paint that used permeate the place. 484 more words


Donald Trump as a Postmodern God

The phenomenon of Donald Trump, his meteoric rise in the Republican halls of fame, has many reasons. Rage against the establishment, White Man’s fears, lower class economic distress and more. 695 more words