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Thoughts on Richard Sennett's "Flesh and Stone"

The other day I read the introduction to Richard Sennett’s, Flesh and Stone: The Body and the City in Western Civilization. What an incredible piece — perfect example of why I love introductory essays. 845 more words


Makers as Artisans - The Maker Movement in Italy

Since every phenomenon  has different impact on different environments, but is also affected by the surrounding environment, it results quite obvious that the Maker Movement uprising and development in Italy (dominated by SME’s with artisanal characteristics), doesn’t necessarily follow the same path it followed in the United States (which industry is dominated primarily by large corporations). 1,922 more words

Nobel prizes in economics are Not convincing. As subjective as Literature and Peace

Is Economics a science? 

Nobel prizes in economics are Not convincing.

As subjective as Literature and Peace. Think of Obama, Menahim Began, Sadat, Shimon Perez… 1,426 more words


Richard Sennett (1943 - )

Continuing with the next couple of pages of chapter 3, of Shaun Best’s “A beginner’s guide to social theory”.

Community is one form of social relationships within boundaries, people decide who does and does not fall within those boundaries.  233 more words

Society And Politics

The Writing Routine of Richard Sennett

An amazing introductory talk by Craig Calhoun (7 minutes in) who was rather affably writing the talk right up until the moment when he stood up to speak. 24 more words

Line, Tone, and Repetition

As skill expands, the capacity to sustain repetition increases. In music that is so-called Isaac Stern rule, the great violinist declaring the better your technique, the longer you can rehearse without becoming bored.

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