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Richard Sennett (1943 - )

Continuing with the next couple of pages of chapter 3, of Shaun Best’s “A beginner’s guide to social theory”.

Community is one form of social relationships within boundaries, people decide who does and does not fall within those boundaries.  233 more words

Society And Politics

The Writing Routine of Richard Sennett

An amazing introductory talk by Craig Calhoun (7 minutes in) who was rather affably writing the talk right up until the moment when he stood up to speak. 24 more words

Line, Tone, and Repetition

As skill expands, the capacity to sustain repetition increases. In music that is so-called Isaac Stern rule, the great violinist declaring the better your technique, the longer you can rehearse without becoming bored.

68 more words

IoT는 왜 유기적 협업인가? (Why IoT is Organic Collaboration)

<이전 포스트: 연결의 6하원칙와 IoT 네트워크>

모든 것이 연결되는 시대, 내가 네트워크의 노드로 존재하는 시대에 나는 누구인가? 지금, 여기, 모든 개체와 항시적으로 연결된 관계에 놓인, 나는 이제 누구인가? 209 more words

Organic Media

Head and Hand

Depending on what you’re reading, technological progress is either the best of the worst thing to happen to humans. Especially when thinking about computers, screens and the internet. 596 more words


Il Mini Expo di Natale NON è (solo) un mercatino di Natale

L’umanità sta abbandonando una mentalità infantile che privilegia la competizione a scapito della cooperazione e che conduce alla tragedia dei beni comuni.

Da sempre la natura genera abbondanza tramite la cooperazione e distrugge gli ostacoli alla circolazione di quest’abbondanza tramite i conflitti. 693 more words

Antropologia E Creatività

Filozofski teatar

Zagrebačka kulturna scena od 15. studenog će biti bogatija za jedan novi zanimljivi spoj, naime onaj filozofije i teatra, i to ni više ni manje nego u najvećem Hrvatskom narodnom kazalištu. 76 more words