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"Linux" vs "GNU/Linux"

A sometime claim is that “Linux” is an inappropriate term (when not referring specifically to the kernel) and that “GNU/Linux” would be better—especially by Richard Stallman, who is the founder and main force behind GNU… 774 more words

Richard Stallman y la libertad

La idea de sacrificar la libertad por una comodidad me parece completamente al revés (absurda).

Richard Mathew Stallman

El día de ayer se presentó Richard Stallman en…

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The Spanda Cycle #1 - Closed end & open source

The first peer-reviewed article of The Spanda Cycle is a comprehensive research on digital dissidence to Copyright laws. Originally published on the 16th of April 2015, it investigates the latest development of different open source initiatives, trying to individuate the most alternative and inclusive way of “protecting” knowledge. 1,651 more words

The Spanda Cycle

Setelah resepsi pernikahan teman

Pasca menghadiri resepsi pernikahan seorang teman saya jadi baca-baca ulang tentang esensi hidup, mereka-reka kisah hidup, dan berakhir di blog Richard Stallman dengan postingan yang ambisius, terutama bagi saya: “ 73 more words


Avoid the GNU Taler "Manifesto" Blockchain?

This is an open letter to those who slave at the coding machines, whilst Richard Stallman drinks the Kool aid. Get up from your machines. 1,099 more words


Richard Stallman and Freedom

Today (Wednesday, 15th Nov 2017) I went to see Richard Stallman give a presentation on Free Software.

He was being hosted by a California State project to re-write the Child Welfare website (including backend) using Free Software. 1,733 more words


Son of Hackenstein

For Those Who Arrived Late.

It’s rather funny how people will say, “Well, I just think this rule X means Y…” and somehow expect that particular take on a subject to be taken as law. 800 more words