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GNU Taler "Manifesto"

This is an open letter to those who slave at the coding machines, whilst Richard Stallman drinks the Kool aid. Get up from your machines. 1,082 more words


Richard Stallman and Freedom

Today (Wednesday, 15th Nov 2017) I went to see Richard Stallman give a presentation on Free Software.

He was being hosted by a California State project to re-write the Child Welfare website (including backend) using Free Software. 1,733 more words


Son of Hackenstein

For Those Who Arrived Late.

It’s rather funny how people will say, “Well, I just think this rule X means Y…” and somehow expect that particular take on a subject to be taken as law. 800 more words

Hackenstein's Gnu

Another impromptu entry in an informally interconnected series of articles about understanding your rights, namely when it comes to rights over what you own, what’s legally termed “sweat of the brow”. 828 more words

Quote of the Day

Odious ideas are not entitled to hide from criticism behind the human shield of their believers’ feelings.

—Richard Stallman

Political Correctness

Sharing is Caring

Let’s let go of expectations and divided-against-self hallucinations and explore in turn endless possibilities, intelligence increase, creative epiphanies – unleash inter-seeded (inter-global, etc.,) playfully organized with iMagiNative symphonies uni versing… 58 more words


The Power of Linux-Resources for Wildlife Ecologists

The Power of Linux and its Utilization: Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Resources for Wildlife Ecologists & Conservation Biologists

Mohammed Ashraf

I want to tell you a story. 1,327 more words